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JReport a Value Leader in EMA/WiseAnalytics RADAR Report 08/19/2014
JReport “A Very Capable BI Suite” According to Butler Analytics 07/30/2014
JReport 13 Offers New Geographic Analysis and Boosts Performance and Scalability 05/14/2014
CollegeNET Chooses JReport for 25Live Scheduling Application 05/06/2014
Jinfonet Software Featured on Gartner Magic Quadrant Report 04/01/2014
Standard Technology Uses JReport to Deliver Secure Ad Hoc Reporting for the Federal Government 07/22/2013
JReport 12 Now Available: In-Memory Visual Analysis, Support for Cloud Storage and Big Data 07/01/2013
JReport 12 Offers In-Memory Visual Analysis and Support for Cloud Storage and Big Data 04/03/2013
JReport Integrates with BriefingEdge .NET-Based Program Management Solution 11/28/2012
JReport Enhances Dashboard and Mobile Delivery with In-Memory Performance 11/27/2012
JReport 11.1 Brings Enhanced Dashboards with In-Memory OLAP Cube Performance 11/05/2012
JReport Mobile Now Available for iOS 07/26/2012
Announcing JReport 11: Advanced Data Visualization and Dashboards 04/23/2012
TZA Chooses JReport as a Unified Reporting Solution for ProTrack Warehouse LMS 03/30/2012
JReport 10.1 Fully Supports IBM’s Cloud Platform 01/31/2012
Evologics Chooses JReport for Advanced Data Visualization 11/30/2011
First Protocol Partners with JReport to Bring Visualization and Reporting to Accounting Software 09/28/2011
GSA Chooses JReport for BI Reporting Needs 08/30/2011
Introducing JDashboard at JavaOne 08/22/2011
JReport Joins Open Virtualization Alliance (OVA) to Support Increased Adoption of Cloud Technologies 08/01/2011