JReport Partner Success Story: Objective

Organizational Overview

Objective SoftwareObjective Software, based in Munich, Germany, is a consulting firm that aims to provide successful support in organizational and IT consultancy as well as software development and system integration. Dedicated to giving the European market a superior IT consulting experience, Objective provides programming, business analysis, system analysis, product development, product solutions, and JReport, a reporting tool offered through a partnership with Jinfonet Software.

Partnering with JReport

Objective's relationship with JReport began more than a decade ago when Objective was working on an extensive consulting project with Deutsche Bank to design and develop an Intra-/Internet based product for customer distribution. In need of reporting capabilities to complete the product, Objective searched the market for a reporting solution and evaluated a number of BI reporting tools including Business Objects, Cognos, Crystal Reports and JReport. After careful consideration, Objective identified JReport as the ideal reporting solution because of the product's flexible Java architecture, advanced scalability, and robust reporting functionality.

After successfully implementing JReport at Deutsche Bank, Objective found that as it took on new projects, more and more of its clients were in need of a reporting tool for their applications and ultimately identified JReport as a fitting solution in several additional projects. In facilitating these transactions, both Objective and Jinfonet identified a need for establishing a German distributor since there was definite demand for reporting software in the region but not a strong enough local supplier. With this, Objective began acting as a Value Added Reseller (VAR) for JReport in Western Europe, concentrating in the German, Austrian, and Swiss markets.

As a VAR, Objective has provided JReport to clients such as Bison, Esprit, Filidata, Lufthansa, T-Systems, DeltaEnergy, MerckFinck, ProSieben, SwissRe, and many others across industries like aviation, communication, clothing, energy, finance, and media. Notably, Objective has provided JReport to Coop, one of Switzerland's two largest retailers. JReport is embedded into several of Coop's retail applications for order and stock reporting as well as being used for internal HR reporting to keep track of its more than 50,000 employees. Objective also enabled Skidata, a leading worldwide vendor of facility management services, to embed JReport into its software offering. 

Partnership Benefits

Having provided JReport as its official reporting solution for more than a decade, Objective has received numerous benefits from the partnership including substantial revenue gains. Having a BI reporting tool has helped to develop Objective's business model as it can now easily provide a robust tool for BI reporting and analysis directly to its clientele, taking them a step further in consulting relationships. JReport also often helps to lengthen the lifecycle of Objective's consulting relationships. Because of the extended maintenance and support for JReport, Objective keeps in contact with customers long after consulting engagements have ended.Puzzle

Additionally, since JReport is written in 100% Java and can integrate into any environment, Objective finds that customers are more open to replacing existing legacy systems, which is often a hurdle in working with larger organizations. JReport's ability to scale to any number of nodes and any number of users has also contributed to Objective's success in implementing it on an enterprise level. "Even 10+ years later, we are still convinced that JReport is the #1 solution for flexibility and scalability" says Objective CEO Clemens Dannheim, "The advanced flexibility and scalability are unique qualities of JReport for us to present to our customers."

According to Dannheim, features focused towards visualization such as JDashboard, on-screen interactions, real-time data view modifications, and a user-friendly interface are also key selling points that show clients all they can do with JReport.

Objective has successfully integrated JReport into the core of its consulting practice allowing it to bring clients more agile BI, advanced visualization, and seamless integration with just one tool.

In addition to Objective's success, Jinfonet has also achieved great benefits through the partnership such as extending coverage of European markets and being able to provide local language support as well as more localized technical support to customers when needed. "Objective maintains one of the longest running VAR partnerships with Jinfonet and has become a very successful and integral part of our team" says Robin Davies, Jinfonet's Global Director of Sales, "We are thrilled with the results of our partnership with Objective."

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