Technology Partners

Jinfonet Technology Partners include industry-leading software, hardware, and IT services providers. By integrating leading technologies with JReport, Jinfonet and our partners are able to provide our customers with enhanced reporting functionality, guaranteed interoperability, seamless embedding, and increased ease-of-deployment.

Through strategic marketing, business development, and technology relationships, Jinfonet and its Technology Partners offer market-leading solutions that support any organization's embedded reporting requirements.

A technology alliance with Jinfonet enables partners to:

  • Increase revenue – By aligning sales efforts, Jinfonet technology partners realize new business and up-selling opportunities that are mutually beneficial to both companies.
  • Enhance customer value – JReport's ease of integration and intuitive nature add value to a partner's technology offering and provides a superior solution to existing customers' information delivery needs.
  • Shorten the sales cycle – Joint marketing and sales efforts help maximize technology alliances, while sharing of resources helps shorten the sales cycle and the cost of a sale.


Spectrum Systems,INC IBM Bea Calpont