Customer Cases

Financial Services

Visa Visa
Visa utilizes JReport's unique clustering and report bursting technology to generate reports with as many as 200 million rows of data, providing vital account and tax information to commercial card holder accounts.
First Data First Data
First Data embeds JReport into its Certified Merchant Services system which manages the marketing and back-end clearing house processing of pre-paid cards.
Bank of America Bank of America
Bank of America leveraged JReport's 100% J2EE architecture to embed JReport into its Risk Management solution. Financial managers use JReport to track customer portfolios in real-time and provide customers with reliable, timely investment advice.
Franklin American Mortgage Company Franklin American Mortgage Company
Franklin American Mortgage Company is a premier mortgage banking firm specializing in conventional and government mortgages. With needs centered on scalability, flexible report outputs, scheduled delivery options, and pixel perfect form and report production, the company required a fully comprehensive reporting platform. Deploying JReport has provided Franklin American these key user-benefits and many more. Click here for full story.


Social Security Administration Social Security Administration (SSA)
Within the Social Security Administration, several hundred users run over 40 parameterized reports daily to track and detail the usage of the SSA's online e-gov applications. The SSA chose JReport because it integrated seamlessly with their complex Java environment and with WebSphere. In addition, the SSA used the JReport Crystal Converter to migrate over 150 Crystal report templates to JReport.
General Services Administration General Services Administration (GSA)
GSA selected JReport because it enables easy integration with Java applications. It also provides multi-format outputs, many types of reports, full layout control and supports banded objects with multiple queries. JReport is seamlessly integrated into GSA's FAS applications with single sign-on from the applications menu and uses customized parameter entry screens. Click here to read full story   OR   Click here to view webinar.
Internal Revenue Service Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
Each year IRS spends significant amount of money on both electronic and paper based distribution of tax forms and returns. Lockheed Martin has been the Systems Integrator managing this distribution and its reporting requirements. Using JReport, Lockheed Martin tracks and replenishes the usage of all these forms and ensuring the right forms are sent to the right offices and taxpayers. This helps taxpayers file promptly and let IRS make better use of its resources.
Northrop Grumman Northrop Grumman
Northrop Grumman is a major defense contractor delivering world class IT and consulting to both the Defense and the Intelligence communities. Northrop Grumman use JReport as the reporting solution in several custom built, Top Secret applications.
New Mexico Department of Labor New Mexico Department of Labor
The New Mexico Department of Labor embedded JReport into its unemployment claims application to generate and maintain hundreds of reports in order to meet state and federal mandates and to ensure accurate and complete processing of thousands of unemployment insurance claims each day. Click here for full story.
Evologics Evologics
Evologics creates Governance, Risk management and Compliance (GRC) software enabling customers to drive their business to excellence. Evologics required a reporting and dashboard module that easily integrated into existing code, had a large number of features and matched anticipated high load demands, all while fitting within the company's budget. JReport's ad hoc reporting now allows end users to research their own data and view any level of data from high level dashboards to the lowest level of detail. Click here for full story.
Lockheed Martin Lockheed Martin
Lockheed Martin works with NASA, who needed an embedded Java reporting tool to analyze and run reports on large amounts of numeric scientific test data within their testing application for Project ORION. NASA selected JReport because it provides them the ability to quickly and dynamically sort through these vast amounts of data via table-based reports.


Verizon Verizon
Verizon deployed JReport across their Verizon Wholesale department to better bill, monitor, and track its wholesale long distance clients. JReport is used to track monthly call metrics, including call length and location, for each client. Based on this data, Verizon can ensure the accuracy of client bills. JReport is also used to track bill payment, helping Verizon to better identify and collect on delinquent accounts.
Bell Canada Bell Canada
Over 7 million emergency calls are placed to Bell Canada's 911 call center annually. With JReport, data analysts at Bell Canada generate hundreds of reports daily to identify bad call data – like non-existent street numbers – that would prevent calls from being routed to the appropriate response center and inhibit emergency services from being delivered as quickly as possible. Click here for full story.
NorthStar NorthStar
Serving nearly 100 telecom companies with more than 1.5 million end users across North America, advanced reporting is a critical component of NorthStar TeleSolutions' operations. NorthStar embeds JReport as the reporting component for its Insite software, used for the management and support of voice, video, and data subscribers. JReport is used in Insite for a wide range of reporting including basic work orders and subscriber reports all the way up to complex financial and operations management reports. Click here for full story.
Ericsson Ericsson
JReport is embedded into Ericsson's Tandberg Television's applications, which provide advanced compression, on-demand and interactive television solutions. The JReport enabled applications are marketed to Ericsson's customers including network operators and broadcasters.


IBM leverages JReport in three products. InfoSphere, which provides data integration, data warehouse, master data management (MDM), and entity analytic solutions. Tivoli TSOM (Tivoli security operations manager), which provides real-time security information and event management. Lotus Learning Management System, a powerful learning management solution that can make training convenient and efficient.
HP embeds JReport into their data storage solution, which provides leading technologies for open Storage Area Network (SAN) management and Storage Resource Management (SRM) that help enterprise customers manage servers and storage.
KANA Software KANA Software
JReport is the solution for KANA's technical and end-user requirements. The previous experience of working with a primarily Windows platform for report execution had become major hindrance for KANA's enterprise class customers and prospects when trying to deploy critical reporting from KANA's products. JReport exceeded KANA's end-user expectations, and was able to bridge the gaps that lead KANA to seek a new reporting tool to begin with. Click here for full story.
NICE Actimize NICE Actimize
Actimize Case Manager 3.0 leverages JReport to help compliance officers and business managers understand patterns in organizational, activity-type and distribution trend statistics to enable fine-tuning of the analytic rules for continuous improvement in their detection efficiencies. Click here for full story.
Bellamy Bellamy
Bellamy spent a lot of time looking for the best offering. Reporting is a critically important component for their financial suite. Bellamy needed its reporting solution to be J2EE compatible and easily embedded into their IBM framework. JReport met this need due to its 100% Java-based architecture. With a Java architecture, JReport can be seamlessly embedded in any application. Click here for full story.

Information Technology and Service

JReport's pure Java architecture and rich set of application programming interfaces (APIs) enable seamless integration and customization of reporting within the EMC Ionix network configuration manager offering. Its product "listens" within the network and determines if there has been a violation of required network configurations. This information is then presented to end users through JReport. Click here for full story.
ClearTrack ClearTrack
ClearTrack embeds JReport in all of its products to provide advanced dashboard reporting capabilities to its customers looking to improve the activities in their supply chain. From product sourcing to final delivery, ClearTrack aggregates enormous amounts of data that is being constantly adjusted in real-time. All of this information is now easily offered to retailers via intuitive display portals showing current statistics, and detailed performance reports. Click here for full story.
Focus Technologies Focus Technologies
With JReport, Focus Technologies is able to leverage business rules logic to drive dynamic forms, allowing the forms to change based on a particular policy situation -- enabling all of the decision making to happen behind the scenes. PolicyPort can be used in a very proactive way, which allows the application to quickly react to each carrier’s individual need – regardless of distribution format. These agile operations, which set PolicyPort apart from its competition, are made possible by JReport. Click here for full story.
Resmark Systems Resmark Systems
JReport provided a reporting solution for Resmark, seamlessly integrating with the software and offering easy connectivity to any data source. JReport gave Resmark the versatility it was looking for, empowering its users to build many different kinds of reports, with multiple data sources from one unified interface. RESMARK makes it easy for users to gather customer information and JReport helps them use it to make meaningful discoveries by presenting it visually, intuitively, and interactively. Click here for full story.
Ticketmaster Ticketmaster
Ticketmaster enables venue or event promoters to perform a full range of box-office operations over the Internet using Web browser. Using applications embedded with JReport, Ticketmaster clients can now create detailed, customized reports on their business and revenue from operations such as gate fees, online ticket sales and in-house ticket sales. Click here for full story.
Nuance Nuance
Nuance embedded JReport into their Clintegrity 360 hospital management system in order to enable hospital staff to easily report on back-office systems like billing and patient processing. JReport was chosen because of its 100% J2EE architecture and seamless integration with their existing systems.
NCS Pearson NCS Pearson
Education technology leader, NCS Pearson, distributed JReport as part of their Schools Administrative Student Information System to over 14,000 individual schools, school districts, and certified business associates within the K-12 education market. JReport is used to generate and distribute millions of student information reports daily, providing authorized users with instant access to student demographics, attendance, grades, health and immunization, discipline, and emergency and parent/guardian information.
Radiant Infosystems Radiant Infosystems
JReport's dynamic HTML (DHTML) functionality allows Radiant Infosystems to produce detailed reports and graphs for planning on a daily, hourly or minute-by-minute basis. JReport enables easy access to operational data from disparate data sources in real time, facilitating faster and better decision-making process. Click here for full story.
Target Target
JReport is embedded directly into Target's Project Management Lifecycle application, which allows them to track vast amounts of clustered supply chain data within their various soft goods lines. Target selected JReport because it provides managers with the flexible reporting they needed in order to make quick and informed decisions about supply chain performance.
Bosch Healthcare Bosch Healthcare
Bosch Healthcare selected JReport as the embedded reporting solution within their Health Buddy Telehealth system. Health Buddy enables providers to monitor long-term patients' vital sign data in order to identify patients that may require urgent attention. Bosch needed a tool that was easy to embed in their Java-based Management application, flexible in terms of delivering the report visualization that they needed. JReport was able to deliver in all aspects.

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