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Customer Successes: New Mexico Department of Labor

New Mexico Department of Labor

"JReport has made the whole reporting process faster, easier and more efficient."

– Manny Montoya, MIS Manager and Technical Project Lead,
New Mexico Department of Labor Unemployment Insurance Bureau

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Organization Overview

The New Mexico Department of Labor Unemployment Insurance Bureau provides insurance benefits to more than 50,000 unemployed workers each year.

The Bureau is responsible for administering the provisions of the Unemployment Compensation Law of New Mexico and related federal programs. The bureau accomplishes this through several subordinate divisions that provide for the payment of benefits to eligible unemployed workers, investigate fraud and abuse, determine types and causes of improper benefit payments, conduct mandated federal reviews, and provide programmatic technical assistance.

Business Challenge

As part of the New Mexico Workforce Investment Act, the Department of Labor has invested in new enterprise technology to make unemployment services available via the Web through a "one-stop delivery system". A key component of this system is the Unemployment Insurance Claims Application Reengineering Project (UICARP).

UICARP was designed to automate and simplify the process of applying for unemployment insurance, extending claims, and filing for weekly benefits for both Spanish and English-speaking citizens. The application needed to be able to access unemployment insurance claims data and generate reports to satisfy more than 300 state and federal requirements. However, these requirements governing report format and content are subject to change from year to year as new laws and directives are adopted, making the process of creating and maintaining report templates a tedious process.

For example, the Department previously used mainframe technologies that were very static in nature to generate and distribute state and federal mandated reports. When state guidelines required daily claim disbursement reports to include a new grouping level, state developers had to manually re-design the report from scratch.

To maximize developer productivity, the Department needed a solution that simplified the process of designing, editing, testing, and deploying report templates, so that these could be done on an ad hoc basis with a minimum expenditure of developer hours. The right solution had to also be built on Java technology because UICARP is 100% J2EEbased and was developed using JSP, Servlet, and EJB technologies. The reporting solution also needed to integrate easily with a WebSphere application server and support XML data gathered from an online transaction processing system.

The JReport Solution

The department evaluated reporting solutions from Crystal Decisions (Business Objects) and Actuate, as well as Jinfonet. "We selected JReport," says Manny Montoya, MIS Manager and Technical Project Lead on the UI Claims Application Reengineering Project, "because it's completely J2EE compatible, it's easy to integrate with our WebSphere application server, and it has better design features than the other solutions we looked at."

JReport Designer was deployed to the Department's developers, providing an intuitive visual design environment that has made creating and modifying report templates quick and easy. Re-usable report components have simplified the process of customizing specific reports for particular agencies or in response to government-mandated changes. With JReport Designer, the Department is able to design and customize reports for various state and federal agencies on the fly, as they are needed.

Integrated into the Department's existing IT infrastructure, JReport Enterprise Server has enabled the Department to deploy and deliver reports on demand, in HTML, Excel and PDF format, to any requesting agency or department.

JReport generates and maintains templates for over a hundred different reports daily, accessing information gathered from up to 6000 insurance claims, including data on wages earned, tax withholding, and quarterly benefits paid. JReport deploys these reports to several divisions within the New Mexico Department of Labor; to state agencies such as the State Treasurer and the Taxation and Revenue Department; as well as to federal agencies such as the Department of Health and Human Services, the Social Security Administration, and the IRS.


JReport has quickly proven to be a powerful, flexible, and easy to integrate reporting solution. The New Mexico Department of Labor anticipates significant cost savings in man-hours for designing ad hoc reports and customizing existing report templates. With the mainframe technologies of the previous system, the Department's developers averaged 16 man-hours for designing, testing, and deploying each new report. Using JReport, the time to complete that process has been cut in half, resulting in a 100% increase in developer productivity.

JReport has helped the New Mexico Department of Labor successfully realize their goal of delivering a One-Stop Delivery System for unemployment insurance claims. JReport's speed and accuracy has been cited as helping ensure benefits are paid on time to all qualified applicants. "JReport has made the entire reporting process faster, easier and more efficient," says Montoya. "Complete Webbased UI claims reporting is a benefit to our Department, to other agencies, and to the workers we serve."

Organization Name:
New Mexico Dept. of Labor

New Mexico, USA



  • UI Claims Application
  • Reengineering Project


  • 100% Java
  • WebSphere application server
  • XML data source

Reporting Requirements:

  • Manage and maintain over 100 report templates
  • Ad hoc report design
  • Schedule and automatically distribute reports to State and Federal agencies
  • Access data from up to 6000 claims daily

Jinfonet Solution:


  • Seamless integration
  • Fast and easy report design
  • 50% reduction in developer labor cost
  • 100% increase in productivity