Tutorial: Organization of This Part

The Tutorial book contains basic report building instructions. This includes the reporting features that you will find useful. The idea is that after you have walked through this Tutorial, you can easily follow the examples and build your own reports. For in-depth feature coverage like building reports on XML, EJB, stored procedure, SQL file, please refer to the "User's Guide". This part is divided into six lessons:

JReport Manual Roadmap

The following picture lists the other books in the JReport Designer manual, JReport Enterprise Server manual and JREntViewer manual, and the relationship between them. You are advised to get start with the JReport Designer manual. With some report designing knowledge, it is easy to learn JReport Enterprise Server in the server/client architecture.

JReport Designer manual includes four books: Getting Started, Tutorial, User's Guide, User Reference.

JReport Enterprise Server (abbreviated as JREntServer) manual has three books: Getting Started, Tutorial, User's Guide. In addition, the JREntViewer manual is for using JREntViewer for JREntServer.

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For a complete coverage of the features, operations and other information, please refer to the specific book:

JReport Designer Getting Started
An introduction to JReport. It covers issues associated with installation, setup and configuration of JReport. It is a combination of informational topics and strategic references to various topics in the User's Guide and User Reference books.

JReport Designer User's Guide
In-depth coverage of JReport Designer's features and generally explains how to do different things with the product. Browse to locate the chapters that are of interest to you for step-by-step instructions.

JReport Designer User Reference
Specifications, providing technical, system and other reference information related to the JReport built-in objects, built-in formula functions and APIs.

JREntServer Getting Started
An introduction to JReport. It covers issues associated with installation, setup, and configuration of JReport Enterprise Server. It describes most informational topics and references in the server User's Guide.

JREntServer Tutorial
Basic Server configuration, administration and accessing instructions. After walking though the tutorial, you will be able to use the server for managing the interaction between client and server that enables activities such as scheduling and running reports.

JREntServer User's Guide
Procedures to get a more in-depth understanding of JREntServer. We have shown the steps involved in advanced server features like JSP, national language support, server API, application server integration, JReport (Client) Viewer Bean.

JREntViewer Manual
Complete coverage of features and instruction of using JREntViewer against JREntServer. The Client API usage is also introduced in this book.