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Reporting Results

Design Reports Intuitively

JReport Designer's feature-rich interface provides the functionality to design sophisticated reports. Developers are able to use intuitive Wizards to guide them through selecting data sources, creating queries, and designing layouts. Designer enables precise control over every section of a report ensuring that data is presented in an easy to read format that matches existing corporate design guidelines. Additionally, Designer provides CSS style support allowing CSS style sheets to be applied at run time to custom format reports for users.

Design Reports Intuitively
Help End Users Visualize Data

Visualize Data

The Chart Wizard in Designer simplifies the process of creating complex charts making it a snap for developers to deliver interactive, actionable charts for their end users to perform rich data analysis. Additionally, report components can display information from any data source and reports can access multiple data sources simultaneously enabling developers to deliver concise views of disparate data in a single report.

Deliver Actionable Reports

JReport Designer's interface provides the option to "View During Design" so that the exact report output can be previewed from the end user's point-of-view at any point in the design process. Additionally, developers can export reports directly from within Designer to view interactive functions before publishing the final reports.

Deliver Actionable Reports

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