Web Reporting

Web reporting enables enterprise-wide information delivery

More than ever, businesses today rely on fast, reliable information access. It is increasingly necessary for enterprises to empower users with web reporting to enable anywhere, anytime access to critical operational data. With advancements in data security and the pervasiveness of the Internet, turning to web based reporting tools is the likely answer to any enterprise information delivery needs.

JReport makes it easy to integrate web reporting in any application

With JReport, Jinfonet’s web reporting software, organizations can harness the power of the Internet, giving users across the enterprise the ability to access and generate web reports from any browser. From secure login to end user access, web reporting with JReport has never been easier.

JReport delivers more than static web reports by enabling interactive reporting. Users have the ability to dynamically sort, filter, group, and drill through data to glean useful business information.

JReport is a 100% web reporting tool that integrates easily into any application, allowing users to:

  • Create new reports and modify existing reports on the fly via the web
  • Perform user-defined ad hoc queries to generate customized web reports
  • Dynamically modify report views to find information quickly

New bullet, gauge, and bubble charts enhance data with auto-synchronized components.


Embeds seamlessly into any application with a transparent interface.

Agile BI

Quick to Develop, Ready to Deploy, Easy to Use.