JReport Resources

Visualization & Dashboards

Live Charts: Real Time, Motion and Scrollable Live Charts: Real Time, Motion and Scrollable
Visualize your data in real time for instant analysis! Tour JReport's new chart types in this JDashboard demo. See how users can view any URL directly from their dashboard!
Easy to Build JDashboard JDashboard for Users: Easy to Build, Easy to Use
Give users the ability to build their own dashboard reports. Quickly build a customized, interactive dashboard with our newest product, JDashboard – the most sophisticated report an end user can build!
Drill into Business Data Drill into your Data: Find Answers
Need to get to the bottom of your data? See how this user takes advantage of drill-down reports and linked reports to find the root cause of a significant revenue drop-off. A serious business issue solved by JReport!
Dashboard Dashboards by Developers: Interactive Reports for Users
Allow developers to build robust dashboard reports to deliver to users, empowering users to change data views with filter, drill, and other interactions. Keep development in the developer's hands.

Ad Hoc Reporting

On-Screen Filter On-Screen Filter: Quick Analysis
Discover how JReport quicklychanges data of the whole report by simply clicking the on-screen filter.
Cascading Parameter New Ad Hoc Report
See how JReport uses our new ad hoc wizard to create reports with corporate templates, multi-layouts, charts, tables and crosstabs, etc.
Report Reconfiguration to Support Analysis Report Reconfiguration to Support Analysis
Achieve powerful data analysis with interactive reports by combining a predefined crosstab with JReport's analysis features.
Enterprise Reports Built From Scratch Enterprise Reports Built from Scratch
End users can create their own reports based on building blocks provided by the report developer.  This feature empowers end users to create sophisticated on-the-fly reports.

Embedded Reporting

Seamless Report Integration Report Integration: Completely Customizable
Match the exact look & feel of your existing application (or website) using CSS styling and other features. Create a completely seamless experience for users!
Seamless Architecture Integration Seamless Integration: 100% Java Architecture
Embed JReport into your application quickly & easily using our 100% Java API's. Simple steps to rapidly deploy JReport.

Enterprise Reporting

Cascading Parameter Cascading Parameter
JReport now allows you to embed parameters into the report body.  See how easily JReport changes parameter values.
Reports Exported to Standard Business File Formats Reports Exported to Standard Business File Formats
Reports developed with JReport can be exported to a variety of standard business formats: PDF, HTML, Excel, Text, RTF, XML and Postscript.  You will see how JReport supports dynamic summaries and charts in Excel in addition to drill downs in PDF.

Reports Management

Automatic Generation and Notification of Reports Automatic Generation and Notification of Reports
See how to use JReport server to schedule a report run either by time condition or trigger(s).
Clustered Environments Clustered Environments
See clustering configurations in JReport and learn how to monitor and optimize your cluster. Note how to track report status in clustered environments.

Designing Reports

Banded Object Reports Banded Object Reports
JReport Designer is a 100% Java, Swing-based report design tool that facilitates rapid report creation, testing and publishing.  See how to build a banded object report in JReport Designer.
Combination Charts Combination Charts
JReport supports over 100 types of charts, each of which can be built through the chart wizard. Whether it is a simple pie chart or two different chart types combined, JReport Designer can help you build it.
Multi Component Reports Multi Component Reports
Reports can be assembled from pre-built components acting as building blocks to create a sophisticated report. Here we see a report that contains three components: a set of gauge charts, a standard banded object and a combination chart. Each component can access its own data source or reuse data fetched by one of the other components.
Data Sources and Queries Data Sources and Queries
Adding queries in JReport Designer is simple using the catalog browser. See how the graphical query editor makes it easy to configure and maintain queries to data sources.