Embedded Reporting Tools
For Your Applications

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Embedded BI

Reports, Dashboards, and Analytics In Your Applications

Enable your on-premises and SaaS applications with self service reports, customizable dashboards and rich visualizations. Explore your data from any angle with our embedded, all-in-one, Web-based business intelligence platform. See how other companies are embedding JReport into their business applications.


Dashboards & Reports
Easy to Create, Easy to Embed

Empower your users with self-service reports and intuitive dashboards through a seamless user experience. Customize your reports, provide on-the-fly, dynamic analysis and build powerful dashboards with over 40 types of advanced charts and components. With self-service BI, users harness the power of their data while IT focuses on managing and scaling the application.

Big Data & Databases
Mashup Data for Powerful Data Discovery

Whether your data resides in relational databases, big data, or cloud data sources, quickly connect to any data source and mashup data sets for a comprehensive data view. JReport’s proprietary in-memory cubes provide fast access to aggregation data for high value data discovery. Bring data closer to users for agile data interaction and analysis.

Data Discovery
Do More With Your Data

Tell a story with your data by exploring multiple data sources with highly interactive analysis features such as drill down, slice and dice, pivot, flexible visual analysis options and much more. Empower your users with rich visualizations and a strong set of visual analysis capabilities. Push all aggregation data into in-memory cubes for blazing fast on-the-fly data discovery.

JReport Services
Customer Service Delivered In Any Way You Can Imagine

Whether you need training, tech support or any other professional service– JReport can deliver. Choose from a variety of support options that fit your needs. We can help you with any embedded or out-of-the-box deployment.