Ad Hoc Reporting: Any Report, Easily Done.

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Ad Hoc Reports

Custom report creation is as easy as drag and drop or walking through a wizard. On-screen sliders, filters and drill-downs allow you to interact with and narrow down your dynamic data, eliminating the need for extensive training and IT involvement.

Ad Hoc
Web Reports

Web Reports

Designed for high interaction and dynamic analysis. Combine highly visual components into an interactive Web-based report.

Page Reports

Designed for simple creation, consumption, and delivery of data. Page reports allow detailed data to be distributed in a precisely formatted layout.

Page Reports

JReport helps Evologics
meet project deadlines.

"JReport made our product implementation far more efficient. If Evologics had maintained its original homegrown system, the projected product release date would have been delayed by at least a quarter."

- Jack Put, Unit Manager at Evologics

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