Dashboard Software: Your Data, At a Glance.

  • Data Visualization

  • Interactive UI

  • In-Depth Analytics

Data Visualization Software

Rich Data Visualization

Mash up over 40 types of charts, tables, crosstabs, even external components like Google Maps. Pull from different data sources all into the same dashboard. Choose from component templates or customize them based on what you want.

Data Visualization Software
Interactive UI

Interactive UI

Create dashboards simply using a drag-and-drop UI that lets you choose the charts, tables, and crosstabs you need from an extensive library of components.

In-Depth Analytics

JDashboard allows you to see the big picture by comparing charts, tables, and other components side-by-side. Apply filters on one or many components, drill down to details, view trends on motion charts and other interactions.


JReport helps ClearTrack
help their customers.

"After evaluating leading commercial reporting and dashboard products, JReport was determined to have the most effective solution for ClearTrack's needs. We were able to rapidly implement JReport and provide new capabilities to our customers with minimal effort when compared to other products."

- Don Mabry, President & COO at ClearTrack

How It Works

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  • JDashboard
    Create flexible, dynamic reports using custom-built components.
  • JReport Designer
    Set up data sources and design report components with JReport Designer.