Embedded Reporting: Visualization in Your Application.

  • Seamless

  • Scalable

  • Customizable

  • Flexible



100% Java architecture makes deployment as easy as dropping in an EAR/WAR file. An extensive API set ensures seamless integration.



Reports can be customized to match the exact look and feel of your host application, while adhering to your corporate policies.


A fully distributed, shared-nothing server cluster makes it simple to add and configure server nodes. Designed to scale with your application, whether it's SaaS or on-premises.

Flexible Licensing

Flexible Licensing

Every customer is different. We have experience working with all types of OEM licensing in order to adapt to our customers needs.

Actimize embeds JReport
to provide analytics.

"Because JReport is embedded directly into our offering, end users don't even know they're using another product. Our clients can easily create reports, and importantly, they can use JReports dynamic HTML viewer to slice and dice reports to get more detailed information about their transactions without their having to undergo training to use the product."

- Ido Ophir, VP, Product Management at Actimize

How It Works

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  • JDashboard
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