Mobile BI: Visualize and Interact on the Go.

  • Mobility

  • Interactivity

  • Easy to Use



Experience your data come to life whether in a meeting, at home, or while traveling. Wherever you are, our robust mobile visualization tools put your data within reach at all times.

Rich Visualization


Dig deeper into your data, apply filters, sort, and drill-down to see your data from all angles.

Easy to Use

Pop open custom dashboards on our iPhone or iPad, and have access to vital data 24/7.

Easy to Use

NorthStar customers easily access business data with JReport.

"Using the advanced reporting features from JReport, our customers can autonomously access just the data that they want; our previous solution wasn't able to do that."

- Josh Thackery, President of NorthStar TeleSolutions

How It Works

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  • JReport Mobile
    Reach out and touch your data from anywhere.
  • JDashboard
    Create flexible, dynamic reports using custom-built components.