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Reports, Dashboards and Analytics Within the Context of Your Software

Users work better when their analytics are within easy reach. Empower them quicker by adding sophisticated reports and dashboards in the applications they are already using. You can customize the analytics’ UX and branding to seamlessly fit into any application, while scaling to meet the demands of tomorrow. Let JReport do the heavy lifting while you focus on your application.

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Precision Reporting and Dashboards

  • Solve Complexity – Build any responsive design or pixel perfect layout with drag and drop ease. Use a rich, functional collection of banded objects, compound crosstabs, tables, visualizations and more.
  • Operational Reporting – Visualize operational data with drilling, sorting, filtering, pivoting and configurable exports to PDF, Excel and more.
  • Self-Service Analytics – Give users the ability to analyze data their way with ad hoc reports and dashboards on the fly without expert assistance.
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Our loan applications were complex. With JReport, we’re able to create a professional product.”

Franklin American Mortgage Company

Secure Analytics
Scale Your Analytics Workload

Scale Your Analytics Workload

  • Deliver Faster – Get super fast access to data with pipelining and caching. In-memory cubes make speed-of-thought analytics possible.
  • High Capacity – Handle high concurrency and large output volumes. Burst a single report run to multiple recipients with their own report subset.
  • Scale with Demand – Our clustering technology offers scalability and fault tolerant reliability. Future proof your application as it grows.
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JReport makes it easy to explore and visualize data in a number of new ways.”

Resmark Systems

Embedding and Customization

  • Integrated Security – Leverage your security model. Extend fine-grained security control and SSO across organizations with built-in multi-tenancy for SaaS.
  • Make It Your Own – Customize the embedded contents and UI to match your application for a seamless, white labeled user experience.
  • Easy to Embed – Extensive JavaScript APIs make it easy to embed with interactive controls into your application on any platform. No iframes!
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JReport gives our users the ability to construct reports on the fly without having to be database experts.”

KANA Software

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