Introducing JReport 16: Logi Commits to Reporting Enhancements for Developers and Users

I’d like to share some exciting news about our latest release, JReport 16. This major update is geared at giving developers even better tools to be able to embed operational reports and analytics into their SaaS or on-premises applications. See below for some of the highlights. JReport 16 represents the first release after Jinfonet Software (original makers…

Jinfonet Joins Logi Analytics

Jinfonet Joins Logi Analytics to Form the Industry’s Most Advanced Embedded Analytics Company

I’m excited to announce Jinfonet has agreed to be acquired by Logi Analytics, a leading embedded analytics platform. By joining forces with Logi, we are creating the most advanced provider of embedded analytics on the market today—in fact we tied for the #1 rating for embedded analytics in a recent report released by analyst firm Dresner Advisory Services.…


Determining BI Requirements for Your Organization

Do you need embedded BI analytics to track business activity and help your business grow? Or do you provide embedded BI to clients in diverse vertical markets? Determining the BI requirements for your organization can help you choose the best solution. For example, if you need a multi-tenancy approach or operational reporting that integrates with the…


JReport Ranked as the #1 Embedded Analytics Solution in 2018 Dresner Embedded BI Market Study

We’re proud to be ranked as the #1 embedded analytics solution by Dresner Advisory Servers in their latest Embedded BI Market Study published in November 2018. Similar to previous years, the market study scores embedded analytics solutions based on product architecture and features, and JReport ranked highest in both categories. This is further validation on…


Understanding How Analytics Maturity Models Affect Business Intelligence and Company Growth

Are you looking to get more out of your business intelligence, or even offer your clients more from their BI dashboards? Taking your analytics maturity model to the next level can help you go deeper with your business intelligence data, discovering not just the “what,” but the “why” behind your data and revealing actionable insights…


Advantages of Containerization for Reporting Servers

Containers offer multiple advantages to a reporting server thanks to how they maximize hardware to release new versions of an application. A Docker database container is like a virtual machine, but it runs the software and any associated system files at once. Rather than executing multiple instances of the OS and required files, a container simply executes…

Self-Service Analytics

Embedded Ad Hoc Reporting: Developers’ Golden Goose

The importance of delivering easy to use ad hoc reporting capabilities in your applications will soon reach a critical point. In this blog, we’ll cover why ad hoc matters to your users, why it will matter to your support and development teams, and why you should embed self-service capabilities in your application.

Embedded Analytics Collaboration

3 Ways Embedded Analytics Helps Improve Application Usage and ROI

Maintaining your current customer base is a vital part of expanding your business, and increasing usage of your application is one of the best ways to do that. Embedding analytics in your product can improve your time-to-market, save your development team time, effort, and capital, and improve your users’ analytics experience. But it can also be one of the best ways to increase user usage of your product. Here are the top 3 ways: