Build vs. Buy

Buy vs. Build: 5 Factors in Making the Right Analytics Investment

One of the most common issues that we hear from customers needing to provide analytics to their application users is deciding whether to develop their own reporting, utilize an open source charting library as a starting point for development, or license and embed a 3rd party analytics solution into their software. In this blog, we’ll go over 5 important factors to consider when making a decision.


Creating a JReport Dashboard on Data Using CData JDBC Driver

Our recent partnership with CData enhances JReport’s connectivity to (along with many other data sources) enabling live data access from dashboards and reports. The Data JDBC driver allows JReport to query data using SQL. This article details the process for connecting JReport to as a JDBC data source to start creating dashboards and reports. Establishing a…

Enteprise Reporting tool

Getting to High Performance Analytics for Enterprise BI

Getting to High Performance Analytics for Enterprise BI One of the major challenges with enterprise-ready embedded business intelligence and reporting is how to manage performance and scalability without impacting production databases, applications, and budgets. Users need to get right to their data and analyze them in real time rather than waiting around for hours or days. With…