Embedded Analytics ROI

3 Tips for Measuring Your Embedded Analytics ROI

Deciding whether to buy or build analytics for your applications or software products can depend on a number of factors. For many, the long-term return of buying an embedded analytics solution far outweighs the upfront cost to build one. However, executives that see the value in embedding a 3rd party product occasionally lack the ability to definitively measure their analytics ROI. We’ve put together 3 tips to help.

Embedded Analytics

Embedded Analytics 101: Making Your Embedded Analytics Project Successful From Step One

Introduction Launching an embedded analytics project can be a difficult task for software development managers and product owners alike. Add onto that the urgency to quickly evaluate test and implement a 3rd party solution that’s becoming more the norm in agile development environments and you can easily see how proper planning can be overlooked. You…

Business Analytics

High Performance Analytics: A Complete Overview

In our recent eBook, Technology Performance in Context, we take a look at how high performance analytics can transform business processes and results. Read on to get a short excerpt of what’s inside! High Performance Analytics and Business Performance: How does it work? When considering whether or not to implement a new technology, the first consideration should always be: “how…


Creating a JReport Dashboard on Salesforce.com Data Using CData JDBC Driver

Our recent partnership with CData enhances JReport’s connectivity to Salesforce.com (along with many other data sources) enabling live data access from dashboards and reports. The Data JDBC driver allows JReport to query data using SQL. This article details the process for connecting JReport to Salesforce.com as a JDBC data source to start creating dashboards and reports. Establishing a…

Analytics in .NET in the Cloud

What is Embedded BI (Business Intelligence)?

Embedded BI in a nutshell… What are the Goals of Embedded BI? The goal of embedded analytics/BI is to provide your applications with the power of a BI tool. With embeddable BI reporting, your application can make better use of the data it collects allowing users and customers to garner deeper insights and ultimately make better…

DevIgnition Video Spotlight: The Best Approaches to Implementing Analytics

JReport made a strong presence at DevIgnition 2016, a conference for developers in Dulles, VA to discuss emerging technologies. Dean Yao, Director of Marketing at Jinfonet, delivered a presentation on developing analytics in your applications. Dean discusses the many options for embedding analytics into applications while outlining the pros and cons for selecting each approach. The presentation…

KPI Dashboard Example

Webinar: Analyst Firm EMA Talks about Embedding BI for Your Applications

Data is everywhere. Transactional data, big data, cloud data, decentralized data, governed data – you name it. With the ever-growing demand to analyze data, chances are your product or application needs to present this data for interactivity and decision-making. Application developers understand their users want to mashup centrally governed data with their own data, within…