Embedded Analytics

Embedded Analytics 101: Making Your Embedded Analytics Project Successful From Step One

Introduction Launching an embedded analytics project can be a difficult task for software development managers and product owners alike. Add onto that the urgency to quickly evaluate test and implement a 3rd party solution that’s becoming more the norm in agile development environments and you can easily see how proper planning can be overlooked.


Creating a JReport Dashboard on Salesforce.com Data Using CData JDBC Driver

Our recent partnership with CData enhances JReport’s connectivity to Salesforce.com (along with many other data sources) enabling live data access from dashboards and reports. The Data JDBC driver allows JReport to query data using SQL. This article details the process for connecting JReport to Salesforce.com as a JDBC data source to start creating dashboards and reports.

Enhance Your Application’s Data Insight by Integrating a Reporting Engine

Enhance Your Application’s Data Insight by Integrating a Reporting Engine

A reporting engine can turn data into meaningful, actionable information. Using a reporting engine, users can refine data from various sources into easy-to-read and interactive formatted reports tailored to their audience.

JReport 13.1 Now with Visual Analysis Integration in Dashboards

JReport 13.1 is now available for download with new improvements and features allowing for even richer customization, seamless integration and improved usability. New features in JReport 13.1 include the availability for JDashboard users to embed Visual Analysis components for data discovery, support for EnterpriseDB, and enhanced support for multi-tenant SaaS reporting applications.