Embedded Analytics ROI

3 Tips for Measuring Your Embedded Analytics ROI

Deciding whether to buy or build analytics for your applications or software products can depend on a number of factors. For many, the long-term return of buying an embedded analytics solution far outweighs the upfront cost to build one. However, executives that see the value in embedding a 3rd party product occasionally lack the ability to definitively measure their analytics ROI. We’ve put together 3 tips to help.

Dashboard Design

5 Quick Tips for Better Dashboards

5 Quick Tips for Better Dashboards One of the things we’re most often asked by our customers is, “How can we design dashboards that look great and meet our customers/users needs?” Answering this question fully relies on the type of information that is displayed and the type of user a dashboard is geared towards. It…

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JReport Wins Business Intelligence Software Awards

JReport Wins Business Intelligence Software Awards With its streamlined user experience and advanced embedded capabilities, JReport secured a place in a leading B2B software directory. FinancesOnline.com, a venue for expert reviews, described JReport as a highly intuitive and configurable analytics system and ascribed it two major productivity awards.  JReport now holds the 2017 Rising Star…

Business Analytics

High Performance Analytics: A Complete Overview

In our recent eBook, Technology Performance in Context, we take a look at how high performance analytics can transform business processes and results. Read on to get a short excerpt of what’s inside! High Performance Analytics and Business Performance: How does it work? When considering whether or not to implement a new technology, the first consideration should always be: “how…