Flex vs AJAX – The Battle Begins

The epic thunderstorm that is the iPad launch has stirred up an old debate.  And no, I’m not talking about the tired back and forth about whether Apple is an evil empire or herald of all things cool.  Unless you have been living underground, you have heard that the iPad doesn’t support Flash.  This decision…


Everybody Loves an Underdog

Everyone loves an underdog story – when the Saints rocketed to victory in the Super Bowl this year, the collective cheer could be heard from coast to coast (with the exception of those disgruntled Indianapolitans).  What happens when the underdog turns out to be a pit-bull in its own right?  When the little guy comes…


V10 is Closing Fast!

It’s time for part two of our pre-launch series on the anticipated new version of JReport, set to be released this summer. Combining Jinfonet’s history of reliable reporting products with the latest in technical innovation, JReport 10 has optimized business reporting. In part one, we discussed the new Interactive Reporting Engine and its impact on scalability and performance. Now let’s address the increased usability factors made possible by this new architecture.

JReport 10 Will be Available Soon

Version 10 is Almost Here!

Jinfonet’s highly regarded Java based reporting solution, JReport, is rolling out a new edition this summer. The culmination of over a decade of experience in Business Intelligence Reporting, JReport 10 is the cutting edge in scalable and responsive reporting. Building upon its existing JavaEE framework, JReport continues to provide real-time, highly actionable reports that seamlessly…

Customer Orders within JReport

Embedded Java Reporting

Everyone always asks about JReport being ’embedded.’ Well, we mean that it can embedded across the four layers of a Java application. First, at the presentation layer, our tool can natively embed through the use of our TagLib and JSPs into the Credit Scoring application. The UI will look and act like a modern, Java-based application.