Dashboard Design

5 Quick Tips for Better Dashboards

5 Quick Tips for Better Dashboards One of the things we’re most often asked by our customers is, “How can we design dashboards that look great and meet our customers/users needs?” Answering this question fully relies on the type of information that is displayed and the type of user a dashboard is geared towards. It…

Embedded Analytics

Embedded Analytics 101: Making Your Embedded Analytics Project Successful From Step One

Introduction Launching an embedded analytics project can be a difficult task for software development managers and product owners alike. Add onto that the urgency to quickly evaluate test and implement a 3rd party solution that’s becoming more the norm in agile development environments and you can easily see how proper planning can be overlooked. You…

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JReport Wins Business Intelligence Software Awards

JReport Wins Business Intelligence Software Awards With its streamlined user experience and advanced embedded capabilities, JReport secured a place in a leading B2B software directory. FinancesOnline.com, a venue for expert reviews, described JReport as a highly intuitive and configurable analytics system and ascribed it two major productivity awards.  JReport now holds the 2017 Rising Star…

Preferred Solutions

Top 5 Business Intelligence Trends for 2017

Business Intelligence Trends Survey Jinfonet recently surveyed more than 400 senior business professionals, and the survey results provide a number of insights and a few surprises into the business intelligence trends driving the enterprise market this year. For example, we couldn’t imagine the high percentage of respondents currently working on external customer projects. It was…

Business Analytics

High Performance Analytics: A Complete Overview

In our recent eBook, Technology Performance in Context, we take a look at how high performance analytics can transform business processes and results. Read on to get a short excerpt of what’s inside! High Performance Analytics and Business Performance: How does it work? When considering whether or not to implement a new technology, the first consideration should always be: “how…