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Top Considerations for Embedding Analytics into Your Product

In our latest article with InsideBigData, Dean Yao, Director of Marketing at Jinfonet, discusses the top considerations for embedding analytics in your commercial offerings. Dean takes another angle in this article mainly focusing on the front end functionality of embedded analytics solutions, and guiding product owners through the best feature sets to look for. Read…


The Pendulum Swings Again: Balancing Governance and Self-Service

For many years, enterprise BI tools reigned supreme and IT crafted most reports for business users using meta-definitions or semantic layers to provide governed information. However, the industry wanted to democratize analytics for all technical user levels. As a result, data discovery tools began popping up aimed at pure self-serviceability. Organizations now see how tipping the scale towards pure…

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Looking Towards the Future of Embedded Analytics

We imparted our wisdom on CMSWire on the direction embedded analytics tools are taking. Read about how embedded analytics is increasingly important for many businesses. As the market shapes, embedded analytics software looks to harness the power of cloud, modernize its architecture, and offer features to drive user adoption. Embedded analytics goes global with internationalization, scales with…

Increase BI User Adoption

Driving BI User Adoption Through Empowerment: Part 1

Driving user adoption is a goal of any BI tool. Organizations benefit from their employees using BI, and ISVs embedding analytics hope that it drives user adoption so their product outshines the competition. Driving BI user adoption is critical. Consider that companies using analytics are five times faster at making decisions than their competition — that is real business agility.…