JReport 13.5 Unleashes a Wave of New Enhancements

JReport 13.5 provides enhancements to usability and local language support for users and deeper integration and customization options for best-in-class embedded analytics. JReport is always changing and improving, delivering on its promise to provide embedded analytics with advanced reporting capabilities. At JReport, we listen to our customers and continue to innovate and deliver on the most…


DevIgnition Video Spotlight: The Best Approaches to Implementing Analytics

JReport made a strong presence at DevIgnition 2016, a conference for developers in Dulles, VA to discuss emerging technologies. Dean Yao, Director of Marketing at Jinfonet, delivered a presentation on developing analytics in your applications. Dean discusses the many options for embedding analytics into applications while outlining the pros and cons for selecting each approach. The presentation…

build vs buy

The Great BI Debate: Build vs. Buy

Developers creating a new application realize early on that the application will not be very useful unless its users can see detailed or summarized data in order to facilitate better insights and decision-making from the data. This is when they realize they need powerful business intelligence capabilities that can deliver rich, interactive reports and dashboards.…


Staggering 300% Productivity Boost Results from Better Reporting

Customer Success Story: Otsuka Pharmaceuticals Co. Global pharmaceuticals manufacturer increases productivity by 300% and improves regulatory compliance with JReport’s automated report scheduling and enterprise-level data visualization. Many people today come in with the mindset that complex, scientific analytics systems are always better. But, is this really true? Companies may think a full business intelligence (BI) stack…


5 Ways Enabling Analytics on Your Cloud Apps Improves Business Agility

According to a Harvard Business Review report, 32% of businesses use cloud applications to improve business agility. Simple, flexible, easy-to-use tools are here to stay and provide a host of benefits to you and your business. Enabling your cloud applications with analytics provides benefits to your business agility. By embedding a business intelligence (BI) tool into your…

Ad hoc reporting

What is Ad Hoc Reporting?

Ad Hoc Reporting allows end users to easily build their own reports and modify existing ones with little to no training. Ad Hoc Reporting in a Nutshell… Ad hoc reporting generates rapid reports that meet individual information requirements with ease. This allows end users to dynamically modify and drill through report data for powerful information analysis.…

Reporting Customer informatica logo

One Solution, Tremendous Benefits: The Value of a Reporting Solution

An Informatica customer success story. Learn how reporting created tremendous value for billion dollar company Informatica. They chose JReport to embed into their Data Archive product to empower their users with highly interactive visual analysis and reporting. 80% of their customers are so satisfied with JReport’s reporting, they no longer use 3rd party reporting tools to complement Informatica’s product!