Customer Success Story: Knowledge Factor

With education comes innovation. Educators are always seeking ways to help their students learn better and faster. Solutions like Knowledge Factor, which uses JReport capabilities, does just that. Knowledge Factor uses brain science and cognitive psychology to provide personally adaptable reports to students and educators in a variety of industries. Knowledge Factor has honed its amplifier learning…

KPI Dashboard Example

Webinar: Analyst Firm EMA Talks about Embedding BI for Your Applications

Data is everywhere. Transactional data, big data, cloud data, decentralized data, governed data – you name it. With the ever-growing demand to analyze data, chances are your product or application needs to present this data for interactivity and decision-making. Application developers understand their users want to mashup centrally governed data with their own data, within…


JavaOne – Everything Java!

A conference for Java junkies, JavaOne 2015 will be showcasing the newest Java technologies, including the latest version of JReport. JavaOne will begin on October 25th, and a number of free Discover passes will be given out to those interested. Discover passes open you up to exploring the Java Exhibition Hall, contributing to the JavaOne…


Industry Focus: Learning Analytics and Reporting for E-Learning Software

Picture a teacher at the beginning of the school year poring over lecture notes, classroom activities, grading sheets, diagrams, and more. Piles of paper are stacked around them, binders stuffed with notes and sheets. Then you have the student, hunched over their notebook and lecture sheets, trying to understand what the static diagrams in their…


Industry Focus: BI and HR Reporting for the Recruitment Industry

Sourcing, tracking, and hiring job candidates demand a lot of time and energy. From registration to job placement, a recruitment management company works hard to keep track of candidates. Being able to manage a recruitment company demands major organizational skills, efficient access to candidate data, quick and easy updates to candidate and job portfolios, candidate…

BI for Education

Industry Focus: Embedded BI and Reporting for Higher Education Institutes

Colleges and universities are typically challenged with managing the logistics of a large student body. With sometimes tens of thousands of students registering for courses in a single semester, it becomes difficult to maintain an organized and efficient process. Campus space is also often used for extracurricular and community events, which can further complicate scheduling.…

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Industry Focus: BI Reporting for Freight Management

Running a freight management company requires a number of tracking and BI reporting capabilities. When these companies need to be able to report on freight logistics, financial accounts, clients, and carrier rates, they need a BI reporting solution that is fast, intuitive, and customizable. A common frustration with freight management companies is the overall slow pace of their…

Healthcare Dashboard Example

Industry Focus: Healthcare Business Intelligence Reporting

With a growing number of medical patients and clinical issues, healthcare software must be feature-rich practice-management systems, providing financial, patient, clinical, and administrative reporting and analysis. Naturally, healthcare business intelligence becomes essential. Electronic Health Records (EHRs) have become near standard in many medical practices, both for profit and non-profit.