Buy vs. Build a dashboard: What’s the right reporting choice for you?

One of the most common issues that we hear from customers needing an embedded reporting tool for their application is whether it makes more sense to internally develop a “home grown” custom-built solution based on an open source product, or adopt an outside commercial solution to OEM into their product. The answer to that question…


Top Ten Considerations for Successful Business Intelligence Scalability

Business intelligence must be managed for performance and scalability without impacting other production applications. There are many facets to ensuring your users can get access to their data and analyze them in real time without having to wait long periods or schedule reports for overnight delivery. Here are 10 important considerations when planning your BI…

JReport at Informatica World 2013 - Greg and Leo

Greetings from Informatica World 2013!

We’re glad to become an official partner of Informatica and showcase JReport at this year’s Informatica World 2013 on June 4-6. Informatica embeds JReport inside its products to provide archived data visualization. If you’re at Informatica World, come by our booth E13 to say hi.
Follow us on Twitter @Jinfonet. Check out these photos of the show:



Five Common Mistakes when Creating Effective Reporting Dashboards

BI Dashboards are intended to provide an at-a-glance overview of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which reflect the state of business. They need to present relevant data that can be immediately interpreted and actionable, allowing users to make informed decisions. While a dashboard should present data as simply as possible, there are still a set of…


Make Your Voice Heard! – 2013 Wisdom of Crowds ® Business Intelligence Market Study

Are you interested in the current state of Business Intelligence (BI)? Do you want to know what vendors and products you should be on the look out for in the near future? And most importantly – do you want to share your input? This is your chance. The 2013 Wisdom of the Crowds ® Business Intelligence…


Webinar highlights: Visualization and Dashboards

Didn’t have time to attend our “Visualization and Dashboards with JReport” webinar on January 16? Not to worry, you can always catch the full recording on our website, or check out one of the highlights from the webinar below. Access to timely, actionable information is one of the biggest assets in today’s data-driven world. Advanced…