COMIT Deploys JReport as Part of Real-Estate Assessment Business Intelligence Offering Built for Wüest & Partner


Rockville, MD – June 20, 2006 – Jinfonet, the leader in embedded reporting solutions for Java applications, and COMIT, a provider of IT services for the financial sector in Switzerland, today announced JReport will be embedded into the real estate assessment offering COMIT developed for Wüest & Partner.

COMIT has provided high-quality IT consulting and implementation services for more than 25 years. Because of the company’s in-depth knowledge of the financial industry, Wüest & Partner, the largest real estate consultancy firm in Switzerland, hired COMIT to build a custom business intelligence tool for real-estate assessments.

The application COMIT built calculates real estate market values for Wüest & Partner clients and provides them insight into the potential rental market for a property. In addition to providing analysis, Wüest & Partner wanted to make sure the offering included sophisticated reporting capabilities. It wanted to encapsulate the assessment analysis in a comprehensive, easy-to-understand report.

To make this possible, COMIT began searching for a reporting tool to embed into the solution it was developing. After evaluating numerous reporting offerings, including Jinfonet, Crystal Reports and a Swiss company’s offering, COMIT selected Jinfonet’s JReport.

“We selected JReport for numerous reasons, but at the top of the list is its Java architecture,” said Ralf Kulik, software engineer and manager in business unit large accounts for COMIT. “Because we build in Java, it’s much easier to integrate JReport than its non-Java competitors. We could embed JReport directly into our code base. It literally became a part of our own offering – not a tacked-on extension. Additionally, JReport provided layout flexibility unmatched by other offerings.”

Now Wüest & Partner customers have an easy-to-use and understand tool to figure out the potential value of a residential or commercial property. They enter details such as the size of the building, local real estate market aspects and potential rental fees, and then with algorithms, the Wüest & Partner offering calculates the value. It then provides the details to the customer in a PDF report. With this information in hand, customers are better equipped to make solid real estate decisions based on facts rather than on guesswork.

“Wüest & Partner’s real estate assessment tool developed by COMIT is helping potential buyers make better decisions,” said Fred Richards, Jinfonet’s vice president of product management. “And by including JReport’s reporting capabilities, the offering is now even more valuable to clients. Not only does the Wüest & Partner offering offer sophisticated analysis, it provides the front-end presentation layer that makes the information easier to digest.”

JReport is currently used to create five different reports related to real-estate values. The reports are published in three languages – German, French and English. In addition to language flexibility, the product includes layout flexibility which is used aggressively by COMIT’s team of system architects. JReport offers unparalleled extensibility, including the ability to build reports that incorporate sub reports and graphic reports – all of which can be drilled into to obtain specific supporting data. The reports can be delivered in outputs such as PDF, Excel, HTML pages, Word documents or flat files.

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