Rockville, MD – Jinfonet Software, makers of JReport, the industry leading embedded reporting solution, announced today that they are expanding European operations through a strategic alliance with H@rlock, an Italian IT company focused on providing clients with superior software and hardware solutions, as well as expert implementation and consulting services. The partnership gives H@rlock the right to sell and service JReport, Jinfonet’s flagship product, to the Italian market.

JReport is a 100% Java reporting tool that integrates seamlessly with any application and enables developers to customize reporting functionality in order to precisely meet application users’ needs. Developers can integrate JReport into their applications with zero client-side code, and end users can employ the solution to create and view completely interactive reports on critical corporate data through an intuitive web interface. JReport is a world leader in embedded Java reporting; it is in its 7th release cycle and is employed by 1,000,000+ end-users at more than 800 companies and organizations worldwide.

“We are excited to be part of the Jinfonet family and are looking forward to long, mutually beneficial relationship,” said Huub Commandeur, Amministratore Delegato (CEO) of H@rlock. “From its inception, H@rlock has been committed to providing clients with only the best IT solutions. Because JReport is the most powerful, embeddable, easy to use Java reporting tool available, it fits perfectly with that commitment. It will be an excellent addition to our already strong arsenal of IT products and services.”

Jinfonet initiated a partnership with H@rlock in response to an increased need for Business Intelligence (BI) in the worldwide market. Gartner, leading analysts of the IT industry, estimate that the worldwide BI market will reach $29B by 2006, and that nearly 80% of end-users state that reporting is their #1 BI need.

“Companies operating in the European market are demanding better BI, especially reporting.” said John Gularson, Jinfonet’s EVP. “Hundreds of companies have already learned that JReport is the easiest, most cost effective way to strengthen their applications with intuitive, powerful, completely interactive reporting capabilities, and through our partnership with H@rlock, we are looking forward to empowering Italian companies with JReport.

The alliance is part of Jinfonet’s strategic expansion outside of the US. Jinfonet reaches worldwide customers through partnerships with IT and consulting companies in Europe, mainland Asia, and the Pacific Rim.

About H@rlock
Based in Milan, Italy, H@rlock aims at long-term partnerships with its clients and to assist them during every development phase, while addressing their strategic ICT business challenges, working side by side to obtain satisfactory results as an extended team. H@rlock’s mission is to become a trusted partner and a reference point for companies dealing with ICT related challenges. To achieve that goal, the company groups services together in three different business units: H@rlock StartiniT, which provides expert logistical and organizational services to both Start-Up and Established Organizations facing new challenges, H@rlock Technology, which Scouts, Promotes and Distributes new emerging Technologies for the ICT market and for specific vertical Industries, and H@rlock Solutions, which offers a significant range of best practice-based training & consulting services. More on H@rlock is available at

About Jinfonet Software

Rockville, Maryland based Jinfonet Software leads the Business Intelligence industry through the development and deployment of easily embeddable, highly functional reporting solutions. JReport, the company’s flagship product, is a 100% Java-based reporting solution that embeds seamlessly into any application and delivers actionable reports via the web. Key features include a rich set of Application Program Interfaces (APIs) for integrating any level of reporting functionality into an application, the ability to access any data source, built-in security with single sign-on capabilities, and the ability to scale through multiple CPUs or clustered servers to meet growing reporting needs. JReport’s intuitive design and deployment tools make report creation, review, on-the-fly modification and distribution fast and easy. JReport is in its 7th release cycle and is employed by 1,000,000+ end-users at more than 800