ROCKVILLE, MD – November 18, 2004 – Jinfonet Software today announced the general availability of JReport 7.1, the latest release of the industry’s leading 100% J2EE reporting solution. JReport 7.1 was designed to help organizations deploy cost-effective, reliable, and adaptable IT solutions. By leveraging industry standards and modular components, JReport 7.1 delivers a highly customizable, intuitive solution that enables production reporting, ad hoc reporting, and data analysis within any application.

JReport 7.1 is positioned to take advantage of the growing reliance on the Web for fast, effective information delivery. Typical Web-enabled drill-down reports, for example, are more functional with JReport’s new “master/detail link”. End users can easily drill-down from a master list report to a detail report with a single click. However, unlike standard drill-down reports, users can then sequentially view other detail reports without returning to the master, saving time and improving productivity.

In addition, users can customize report views using interactive Web controls – radio buttons, drop-down lists, checkboxes, etc. – that are embedded directly into a report, allowing data to be easily sorted, filtered, or grouped. Users can view and interact with reports via Internet Explorer, Mozilla, and Netscape.

“JReport is the only reporting solution that achieves seamless embedding with a high degree of functionality,” says John Gularson, Vice President of Jinfonet Software. “By enabling applications with robust reporting, JReport makes applications more useful and more valuable.”

With its rich set of APIs and JavaBeans, including a new Web-enabled API, JReport 7.1 provides the “building blocks” for developers to integrate any degree of actionable reporting in their applications. Developers can also leverage JReport 7.1’s tag library to easily customize their reporting interface without writing and managing large amounts of code.

To help developers integrate JReport 7.1 quickly within their own unique environment, JReport 7.1 can connect to any data source including relational databases and hierarchical sources like XML. JReport 7.1 also supports SQL3 data objects like Blobs and Clobs. JReport 7.1 security can also be seamlessly integrated with existing security schemes to provide single sign-on capabilities. And, in addition to page- and column-level security, JReport 7.1 can control reports at the cell-level, ensuring only authorized access to data.

“JReport 7.1’s new functionality and improved performance will help Unify NXJ further solidify its position as the leading platform for accelerating application delivery,” says Jim Kanir, Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing at Unify Corporation.

JReport 7.1 is currently available from Jinfonet Software. More information and free evaluation software is available at

About Jinfonet
Jinfonet Software provides embedded reporting solutions that empower organizations to improve productivity and profitability. JReport, Jinfonet’s flagship product, offers a unique combination of strengths to deliver the first embedded reporting tool that equips end-users with actionable information. JReport features a 100% J2EE architecture, built-in security, fail over protection, and support for any data source. From an intuitive report designer to a robust ad hoc tool, JReport enables enterprises to deploy sophisticated reports from within any application and to analyze those reports to help drive better business decisions. More information on JReport can be found at