Embedded Reporting Solution Integrates Ad Hoc Reporting and Analysis


ROCKVILLE, MD – August 12, 2004 – Jinfonet Software is pleased to announce the general availability of JReport 7, the latest release of the industry’s leading 100% J2EE reporting solution.

This latest release combines JReport’s proven embedded reporting capabilities with ad hoc reporting and analysis. New to JReport is an ad hoc report designer that enables any user, regardless of skill level, to easily build reports via the Web. With both banded and tabular report design options, users dynamically create reports by simply dragging and dropping data elements. In addition, JReport 7 offers an integrated Crystal Converter that automatically migrates any Crystal report to the JReport environment for easy editing and analysis.

“JReport 7 is a cost-effective, scalable embedded reporting solution,” says Dr. Bing Yao, CEO of Jinfonet Software. “JReport 7 integrates with any application to empower users with Web-enabled reporting and analysis.”

JReport 7 was built for seamless integration with any application, in any environment. Its architecture leverages J2EE industry standards, simplifying the embedding process with a component-based application model. JReport 7 provides a rich set of APIs that allow any combination of JReport features to become an integral part of any application.

JReport 7 can also access any data source, including hierarchical data sources like JavaBeans and XML. By incorporating complex data structures inherent to hierarchical data sources, JReport 7 is the only solution that can automatically establish groupings and other data constructs directly into reports.

“By embedding JReport into our Web Enabled Safety System, we’ve successfully extended reporting capabilities to our target customers within the US Navy and Marine Corps,” says Tommy J. Tucker, Command Information Officer, Naval Safety Center. “In addition to integrating JReport with our existing user authentication system, we’ve been able to design highly flexible, parameterized reports that provide users with precise information for analysis.”

JReport 7 continues Jinfonet’s tradition of providing an easy-to-use reporting solution that meets the reporting requirements of any application, with both embedded production and ad hoc reporting capabilities. JReport 7 is available on both Windows and Unix platforms. More information on JReport 7 and free evaluation software are available at www.jinfonet.com.

About Jinfonet
Jinfonet Software provides embedded reporting solutions that empower organizations to improve productivity and profitability. JReport, Jinfonet’s flagship product, offers a unique combination of strengths to deliver the first embedded reporting tool that equips end-users with actionable information. JReport features a 100% J2EE architecture, built-in security, fail over protection, and support for any data source. From an intuitive report designer to a robust ad hoc tool, JReport enables enterprises to deploy sophisticated reports from within any application and to analyze those reports to help drive better business decisions. More information on JReport can be found at www.jinfonet.com.