JReport deployed to facilitate mishap trend analysis and improve safety measures


ROCKVILLE, MD – December 9, 2003 – Jinfonet Software, a leading provider of enterprise reporting and business intelligence tools, is pleased to announce the US Naval Safety Center has selected JReport 6 for mishap event reporting and analysis. Located in Norfolk , Virginia , the Naval Safety Center works with over 4200 Navy and Marine commands worldwide to promote safety and safety processes. It is the Department of the Navy’s organization for conducting safety investigations and mishap analysis, and is responsible for disseminating this information to the fleet.

In response to the Navy’s initiative to move toward an e-business environment, the Safety Center has been aggressively implementing new, web-based technologies to enhance operations and availability of information. Among their web-initiatives is the migration from the Safety Information Management System (SIMS) to the Web-Enabled Safety System (WESS).

WESS will provide access to historical data on shore safety, aviation safety, and afloat safety. This data includes information on involved personnel (both on and off duty), involved civilians, and involved Naval equipment. Deployed as a component of WESS, JReport 6 is expected to facilitate mishap analysis and provide data to several audiences.

“The Naval Safety Center is committed to working closely with Sailors, Marines, and civilians to help them reduce risk and accept no mishap as the cost of doing business,” says Tommy Tucker, Head, Information Systems Division. “We anticipate JReport will provide us with an easy-to-use, web-based tool for managing and sharing pertinent data to achieve our goals.”

On May 19, 2003 , Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld sent out a memorandum challenging the United States military to reduce the number of mishaps and accident rates by 50% in the next two years. Embedded in WESS, JReport 6 will provide Naval analysts with a level of sophistication that will assist in identifying relationships between seemingly unrelated mishaps and their root causes. With this type of intelligence, the Naval Safety Center can educate appropriate audiences to effect equipment design, training, and operational maintenance processes in order to reduce mishap occurrence.

Safety officers will utilize JReport 6 to generate parameterized reports on mishap data. This data is expected to help safety officers identify potential hazards and to educate the Navy and Marine commands on those hazards and how to avoid them. JReport 6 will also generate Excel format reports on unclassified information, for example, incident rates over a ten-year period. These reports will be posted on the Naval Safety Center ‘s website ( www.safetycenter.navy.mil ) for ready public access.

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