First Web-Based Solution That Integrates Enterprise Production Reporting With Ad Hoc Querying And Analysis


ROCKVILLE, MD – December 2, 2003 – Jinfonet Software, a leading provider of information delivery solutions, today announced the general availability of JReport 6, the first Web-based solution that combines production reporting and ad hoc querying and analysis. JReport is the only tool designed to fill the gap between reporting and analytic tools, while also meeting the evolving requirements for enterprise reporting. JReport enables internal and external information users throughout an organization to receive information via the Web and empowers them to customize that information to meet individual business requirements.

“JReport is changing the enterprise reporting landscape by extending actionable information to the Web so it can be readily accessed anywhere,” states Dr. Bing Yao, Jinfonet’s CEO. “With JReport, we’re providing all business users across the enterprise with information that is easily viewed, manipulated, and analyzed, facilitating well-informed business decisions that improve enterprise productivity.”

Actionable Information
JReport 6 delivers actionable information – information that can be customized by the end user to meet specific needs. With JReport, end users can manage their report views from any web browser by dynamically grouping, sorting, filtering, and moving columns of data. And, finding pertinent data within a report is easy through dynamic search capabilities and an active table of contents that provides one-click report navigation.

JReport 6 also takes the concept of actionable information one step further by offering a web-based query and analysis option. With this option, JReport automatically creates multidimensional data cubes using data retrieved by a query or report. A “push down” technology optimizes the cube operation efficiency by distributing workloads between JReport and the database server. Through any web browser, JReport allows end users to slice-and-dice, pivot, and drill-down, up, or across their business data, in order to get a specific view of their data and best meet their own information requirements.

Like previous versions of the solution, JReport 6 is built on a 100 percent J2EE platform and seamlessly integrates into existing IT environments. JReport supports any data source, including user-defined data sources, and is uniquely capable of preserving – and automatically generating reports based on – the data structure inherent in hierarchical data sources like XML and EJBs (Enterprise JavaBeans).

With reliable fail-over, load balancing, and scalability for multi-CPU and clustered server environments, JReport can handle any enterprise reporting workload. JReport 6 also features a server performance and profiling tool that allows system administrators to drill down into any server to log, monitor, and profile system status and performance. And, the performance monitor is web-enabled, allowing servers to be managed remotely.

Other enhancements to JReport 6 include support for multiple data sources and fully functional Excel format output, including Excel formulas and charts. Jinfonet expects JReport 6 to fill a much-needed space in the business intelligence and reporting marketplace. For more information, visit

About Jinfonet

Jinfonet Software provides enterprise information delivery solutions that empower organizations to improve productivity and profitability. JReport, Jinfonet’s flagship product, offers a unique combination of strengths to deliver the first enterprise-ready reporting tool that equips end-users with actionable information. With built-in security, fail over protection, and support for any data source, JReport was developed with an enterprise’s entire information delivery needs in mind. From an intuitive report designer to a robust ad hoc tool, JReport enables enterprises to deploy sophisticated reports that can be analyzed easily to help drive better business decisions. More information on JReport can be found at and screenshots available upon request.