Rockville , MD – As industries evolve and companies grow, actionable information demands also increase enterprise-wide, often times exponentially. To meet this growing demand, Jinfonet has made a commitment to continually review and enhance its products. To this end, Jinfonet has recently announced the release of JReport 5.2, featuring enhancements designed to help enterprises realize the benefits of fast information access, information consistency, and information analysis.

This latest version of JReport offers improved performance, ease of use, and enhanced security for end users. Following is a summary of some recent enhancements to JReport:



Technical Enhancements

Option to embed the Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) within an HTML report

When a report is exported to HTML, the CSS file can be embedded in the HTML file, thus allowing only 1 file to be sent to the intended recipient.

SQL statements can be parsed back to the structured PSQL

Allows for easier editing when modifying SQL statements.

Enhanced LDAP Support

Better use of your local security system to manage report access and viewing.

Record Level Security

User access can be controlled at the record level, ensuring subsets of data are only viewed by those with permission.

Manual Column Insertion From Database Option

Easier updating of the catalog if the database structure is changed.

User Session Monitor/Control

Provides detailed insight into system operations and resources by monitoring user sessions and allowing operations to be performed on those sessions.

Server Down Alert

Automatically emails designated Admin if a server goes down.

Random Algorithm in Server Cluster

Allows for better load balancing in a clustered server environment, helping ensure server resources are available when they are needed.

Remote Method Interface Wrapper

Allows you to call on the JReport server API in any computer, even if the JReport server is not running on that computer; allows you to free up resources on your app server.

End-User Enhancements

JReport styles and style groups

Allow dynamic changes to the appearance of your report at run-time.

Additional chart-type options

More powerful charting features to better meet your specific design requirements.

Support for Netscape Navigator

Added options for remote report viewing and editing through Jinfonet’s viaWeb Designer.

DHTML drill-down in TOC

Dynamically hyperlink from a table of contents to the destination page quickly and easily.

JReport 5.2 continues the Jinfonet mission of providing organizations of all sizes with reliable and secure data reporting; for over five years, companies like IBM, Bank of America, and Visa have relied daily on JReport to provide their employees and their customers with the vital information they need to conduct their business.

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