JReport adds reporting functionality to student information management system in more than 14,000 schools nationwide.


Mesa, AZ – Jinfonet Software, developers of JReport, Java-based reporting software, announces the completion of a partnership agreement with education technology leader NCS Pearson. Under the new partnership, NCS Pearson will imbed JReport Enterprise Server in their Schools Administrative Student Information System  ( SASIxp) , and distribute JReport Designer to more than 14,000 individual schools, school districts, and Certified Business Associates within the K-12 education market.

SASIxp is an education software system that manages extensive student information at both the school and district levels. It provides instant access to all student information, including demographics, attendance, grades, schedules, health, immunization, discipline, emergency, and parent/guardian information. JReport will become part of the overall SASIxp solution, providing the critical report design and deployment functionality.

JReport Enterprise Server, a J2EE-compliant report deployment server, will allow NCS Pearson’s customers to generate and distribute student information reports, and publish them to users in multiple schools. JReport’s ability to integrate seamlessly into the SASIxp architecture was a key factor in NCS Pearson’s selection.

“Jinfonet was selected because their powerful Java-based reporting tool fits very easily into SASIxp, and provides us with a solution that matches our cross-platform environment,” said Mary Ann Nurse, Director of Marketing for the K-12 Enterprise Software Solutions at NCS Pearson.

In addition, NCS Pearson will distribute JReport Designer to customers nationwide, to provide schools and districts with ability to modify or re-create current reports, or to create new ones, as often as needed.

“Our customers want a powerful, cross-platform report design tool that will give them the capability to create their own reports to suit their unique needs,” said Nurse. “JReport Designer is intuitive and easy to use. Its’ customer-centric user interface was rated far superior to its competitors by our selection team.”

With thousands of schools accessing millions of student records every day, NCS Pearson also needed a reporting solution that met their rigorous performance standards. JReport was found to be easily robust enough to handle the volume and sophistication of reports that their customers deal with on a daily basis.