Rockville, MD – In the midst of a prolonged economic decline, with technology concerns having been especially hard-hit, Jinfonet Software is bucking the trend with revenue growth for 2001 that is more than double that of the previous year.

While other companies – both within the tech sector and without – are facing earnings losses and reductions in force, Jinfonet continues to be profitable and is increasing its staff. Sales of JReport Designer and JReport Enterprise Server seem not to have been affected adversely by the current downturn. In fact, as both revenues and profits continue to rise, Jinfonet has allocated more resources to expanding the company, developing new product capabilities, and embarking on an aggressive marketing campaign.

Indeed, Dr. Bing Yao, President of Jinfonet, believes the company is in a favorable position for continued growth in 2002. “What we have found is that even in a slow economy – perhaps especially in a slow economy – every business wants to improve efficiency. Our solutions help our customers deliver information over the Web with greater efficiency, and that is a benefit in good times, as well as in not so good times.