MUNICH – Deutsche Bank Inc., one of the world’s largest financial institutions, has chosen JReport from Jinfonet Software as the reporting component for its recently deployed “Global Trade Management” (GTM). Programmed in Java to be easily extendable, the Web-based GTM uses JReport to help bring together the two critical components of Deutsche Bank’s online business development: electronic information exchange and the routing of traditional paper documents that is still required even in the Internet age.

Deutsche Bank selected JReport for its flexibility, ease of use, and its simplified National Language Support (NLS) feature. T he 100 percent Java JReport has been successfully integrated within GTM to allow Deutsche Bank to offer its clients what E-Solutions Project Leader, Kirsten Leopold calls “an all around carefree package” for the handling of business transactions across international borders.

About the GTM Initiative
Deutsche Bank needed to address the challenges of how to “put their legacy data warehouse application on Web legs,” as Leopold describes it. “The solution needed to be platform-independent, with central data-storage and modern Web technology. It needed to provide a tool for users to generate reports of customers to be visited and then store them on a laptop. Mapping of Deutsche Bank’s scenario-management function (which provides payment scenario calculations) from the offline legacy system was another requirement. All this needed to be configured within a secure Java environment and within a predetermined budget.”

Carrying out the application as a J2EE applet was the logical solution; however, deploying the Java plug-in onto laptops institution-wide was problematic at best. Instead, Deutsche Bank’s solution was to search the market for a Java-based reporting tool that could generate their reports as HTML files. “Several products were evaluated,” says Leopold, “and the choice was JReport from Jinfonet, a pure Java report generator that supports the output-formats PDF, PS, and HTML.”

Development of the application took place within Windows NT, under the assumption that, with Java’s “compile once, run anywhere” capability, integration into the production system would not pose any problems. Load and performance tests on the destination platform were done in a near-production environment. Leopold relates how impressed Deutsche Bank was with the results. ” Since JReport ran so well under Windows NT during the development, the decision was made to install and operate JReport Enterprise Server. JReport ran perfectly stable and with good reaction times under NT4.0.”

Deutsche Bank has since deployed GTM as a 100 percent Java Web solution, with JReport providing a critical component within the framework. “JReport matched the demands of [Deutsche Bank’s] enterprise reporting,” said Leopold, “and the architecture proved to be sustainable, flexible, and scalable.”