ROCKVILLE, MD. – August 30, 2011 – Jinfonet Software, a leader in Java reporting software, today announced that US General Services Administration (GSA) has chosen JReport to deliver its business intelligence data.

GSA’s expertise is used to deploy policies and managerial solutions that facilitate the functionality of US principal federal agencies, focusing on products & services, technology, transportation and travel sectors. JReport now provides dynamic reporting for the Federal Acquisition Service (FAS), the branch of GSA responsible for delivering comprehensive products and services at the best possible value.

Several key features led GSA to choose JReport. Because of sensitive security practices, GSA needs customized sign-on requirements from its reporting solution. JReport fulfilled this by supplying custom parameter entry screens and full layout control with a single sign-on format for all of GSA’s approximately 1,100 federal employees.

JReport seamlessly integrates with GSA’s existing applications. JReport’s advanced reporting capabilities provide multi-format outputs, many types of reports and support of banded objects with multiple queries required for the advanced coordination activities.

As business variables shift, JReport provides real-time business intelligence information. With JReport, GSA has the flexibility to run scheduled reports as needed.

According to Murali Desikachari, program manger at Unisys Federal Systems, GSA’s final decision came down to JReport’s 100% Java architecture and its ability to work with an expansion beyond MySQL and the Unisys mainframe DMSII database. “JReport had the features that would satisfy our requirements,” said Desikachari.

“JReport proves to be a great fit for GSA’s customer facing applications. The extensive security requirements were easily met with JReport. We are pleased to add another flagship organization to our list of customers,” said Jinfonet’s director of sales, Robin Davies.

About The General Services Administration
The GSA is an independent agency of the United States government that serves as a key provider of expertly designed solutions to help manage and support the functionality of our country’s foremost federal agencies. GSA is responsible for the development of effective, sustainable solutions for cost-minimizing policies across the American government, historical site preservation, as well as managerial solutions to promote government efficiencies in the building & real estate, products & services, purchasing programs, and policy & regulations environment. GSA is responsible for the coordination and successful acquisition of high quality products and services from outside vendors to the government in areas including products, communications, office space and transportation to federal offices and their employees and works to provide state and local governments with law enforcement, firefighting, rescue, and disaster recovery products and services. GSA provides an aggregated direct access platform for citizens wishing to access information about government programs and services, money management, federal benefits, identity theft, healthcare, housing, and jobs.

About Jinfonet Software
Jinfonet Software is the leading provider of agile, embedded reporting solutions for enterprise applications. JReport, the company’s flagship product, is a Java-based reporting solution that can embed seamlessly into any Java application, leverages Java EE standards, and delivers interactive reports via the web. JReport’s intuitive design and deployment tools make report creation, review, distribution and self-service reporting fast and easy. JReport is in its 10th release cycle and is employed by hundreds of thousands of end-users at more than 10,000 installations worldwide.
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