ROCKVILLE, MD – January 18, 2010 – Jinfonet Software, a leader in reporting and operational business intelligence solutions, announces it’s new marketing strategy, centered around Inbound Marketing.

Jinfonet Software would like to officially announce its new marketing objectives to the public. Centered around “Inbound Marketing,” a term coined by HubSpot founders Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah. Inbound marketing is the practice of having your potential customers come to you instead of traditional marketing tactics of forcing your message on the customer. As the modern world has changed, with the internet and search engines becoming the main means to finding information, companies that want to continue to grow during the recession must change the way they approach their customers. Jinfonet will be focusing on Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Blogging, E-Books, Webinars and Viral Videos to generate leads by inviting their web traffic to become engaged with their new content.

“Over the past 9 years, I have found that pushing your message out to your potential customers works less and less. The best practice is to build a community that people can get involved in and let them come to you!” – Ben Taylor, Director of Marketing

Jinfonet has partnered with Silverback Strategies for their SEO & PPC campaigns and HubSpot for their “Inbound Marketing” and Analysis. These two partnerships, along with their in house experts, will propel Jinfonet Software to the top of the BI reporting world.

Jinfonet will be building a new Developers Community to act as a forum to the Java Reporting and Operational Business Intelligence world. They have also started a customer focused Social Media campaign via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, JBlog, Digg and Delicious. Jinfonet would like to invite all of you to join them in these networks and become a part of the JReport community.

About Jinfonet Software
Rockville, Maryland based Jinfonet Software is the leading provider of embedded reporting solutions for enterprise applications. JReport, the company’s flagship product, is a 100% Java-based reporting solution that can embed seamlessly into any Java application, leverages Java EE standards, and delivers interactive reports via the web. Key features include a rich set of APIs (Application Program Interfaces) for integrating reporting functionality into an application, the ability to access any enterprise data source, security with single sign-on capabilities, and the ability to scale through multiple CPUs or clustered servers to meet growing reporting needs. JReport’s intuitive design and deployment tools make report creation, review, distribution and ad hoc reporting fast and easy. JReport is in its 9th release cycle and is employed by hundreds of thousands of end-users at more than 10,000 installations worldwide. More information on Jinfonet Software and JReport is available online at

About HubSpot
HubSpot, Inc. provides Internet marketing software that helps businesses get found online, generate more inbound leads and convert a higher percentage of those leads into paying customers.  HubSpot’s software platform includes tools that allow professional marketers and business owners to manage search engine optimization, blogging and social media, as well as landing pages, lead intelligence and marketing analytics.  Based in Cambridge, MA, HubSpot can be found at  HubSpot’s free marketing tools can be found at