ROCKVILLE, MD – May 14, 2014 – Jinfonet Software, the leading provider in embedded visualization and reporting solutions, releases JReport 13 for immediate availability. This release focuses on new geographical tools for data visualization, enhanced data analysis and presentation in dashboards and reports, as well as greater performance when visualizing very large data sets. With these new features, users now have a geographical solution for interacting with their data that is all backed by JReport’s proven, enterprise-ready reporting engine.

JReport 13 greatly enhances geographic based visualization and analysis by overlaying customized areas and markers onto maps in OpenStreetMap and Google Maps. Conditional properties such as shape, size, color and label can be adjusted to provide an understanding of the data at a quick glance. Geo Analysis extends traditional data analysis on static maps, where zooming and panning are common, to more dynamic methods of interacting with geographic data. Drill down the hierarchy from country to state to county. Navigate through and analyze the data using a familiar map interface.

Data analysis in dashboards and reports are also enhanced in JReport 13. Visual Analysis improves in the way data is presented by providing new smart layout options that allow users to scale the data in a chart by height, width or both, while automatically formatting the layout. New visual tools such as heat maps and scrollable real time charts are introduced to allow further analysis, and advanced new customization features are provided for richer interactions with the data.

Performance and scalability get a boost for visualizing extremely large sets of data. Large crosstabs are now able to perform at orders of magnitude faster due to incremental data fetching and in-memory cube technology. In addition, chart rendering and filtering on large data sets are enhanced for higher performance. Finally, scalability is ramped up for running a high volume of interactive reports and dashboards on JReport Server Clusters.

Together, these new improvements in analysis and performance offer unparalleled support for large-scale geographical data visualization. Deep exploration of map data is now available in an agile, self-service solution for all users.

“Geo Analysis and other new enhancements in JReport 13 really round out the visualization toolbox of not only an embedded BI solution but also of a visualization and analytics platform,” said Dean Yao, Director of Marketing at Jinfonet Software. “Already providing a foundational reporting solution, JReport has evolved to include world class data analysis innovations, including geographic data use cases.”

JReport 13 is now generally available. To request a customized demo, please contact or call (240) 477-1000. You can also view our Daily Live Demos every weekday at 2pm Eastern.

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Jinfonet Software is the leading provider of data visualization and embedded reporting solutions for the enterprise. JReport is a Java-based reporting platform that embeds seamlessly into any application, while delivering reporting, dashboards and analysis via the Web and mobile devices. JReport’s intuitive approach to design, deployment and interaction simplifies the work for both developers and users. JReport is in its 13th release cycle and is employed by hundreds of thousands of users at more than 10,000 installations worldwide.

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