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ROCKVILLE, MD – June 10, 2015 – JReport, the leading embedded visualization and reporting software solution, was recently reviewed by Butler Analytics, an analyst firm founded by Martin Butler who focuses exclusively on business analytics. The review provides an insightful overview of JReport’s technology and use cases. Butler Analytics mentions in their JReport Review that JReport “excels in embeddable reporting and data visualisation. It is used by some of the world’s largest businesses, typically to provide online reporting facilities to customers.”

Butler Analytics also published an article on 10+ Embedded BI Platforms and differentiates JReport as an experienced, established BI platform embedded into very large applications. The article highlights the importance of embedded BI especially on detail data from transactional databases. Even with the advent of big data, transactional data in tables and charts in many cases still garner the most interest.

“JReport has proven itself in some of the largest embedded BI applications, and has a longstanding pedigree in this domain. It is well positioned for the coming surge in embedded BI, and Jinfonet’s extensive experience will be of great benefit to its customers,” said Martin Butler, Founder of Butler Analytics.

“Our continued enhancements in embedded BI give our customers more options to deliver BI value into their applications,” said Dean Yao, Director of Marketing at Jinfonet Software. “Martin Butler’s strong review of JReport further validates our strength in the embedded reporting and data visualization market space.”

Visit Butler Analytics for the full JReport Review, as well as 10+ Embedded BI Platforms.

JReport 13.1 is now generally available. To request a customized demo, please contact sales@jinfonet.com or call (240) 477-1000. You can also view our JReport Product Demo to get a more detailed look at the JReport product suite.

About Butler Analytics
Butler Analytics was founded by Martin Butler, best known as founder of Butler Group – Europe’s largest indigenous IT analyst firm until its acquisition by Datamonitor in 2005. He has spoken at hundreds of conferences, advised many of the world’s largest corporations, written numerous reports and been featured in various business and technology magazines. Martin has a B.Sc in theoretical physics and studied quantum mechanics and general relativity for two years as a post-graduate.

More information on Butler Analytics is available at www.butleranalytics.com.

About Jinfonet Software
Jinfonet Software is the leading provider of data visualization and embedded reporting solutions for the enterprise. JReport is a Java-based reporting platform that embeds seamlessly into any application, while delivering reporting, dashboards, and analysis via the Web and mobile devices. JReport’s intuitive approach to design, deployment, and interaction simplifies the work for both developers and users. JReport is in its 13th release cycle and is employed by hundreds of thousands of users at more than 10,000 installations worldwide.

More information on Jinfonet Software and JReport is available at www.jinfonet.com.


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