Jinfonet Announces the April Release of JReport 8.1, the Leading Product for Operational BI

Jinfonet Software announces the release of JReport 8.1 in April. This new version of the leading 100% Java reporting solution provides many improvements to the product’s usability, ad hoc reporting/analysis capabilities, and performance.

JReport Live continues to bring the interactive power of Web 2.0 to reporting users, putting control of report design, format, and distribution into their hands.

Highlights of JReport 8.1 include:

  • JReport Designer improves the ability to search resources. Developers will be able to develop and maintain reports more efficiently.
  • JReport Enterprise Server support of LDAP V3. With LDAP V3 protocols, SASL (Simple Authentication and Security Layer) is supported.
  • New sophisticated report components including rotated objects, charts based on Top N values, and Group By definitions based on user-defined ranges.
  • Enhanced Excel export control, allowing mapping from report components to cells. You can even organize your data across multiple worksheets.
  • Enhanced support for Section 508 Standards, providing accessibility to HTML reports.
  • Ad hoc reporting and analysis with JReport Live is enhanced with report window, labels, warning messages, error messages, and select box values which can be displayed in different languages.
  • SSL support in standalone server. You can configure JREntServer running in standalone mode to use encryption via SSL, so that the data supplied in the URL request to JREntServer is encrypted and a security warning message no longer appears when the form data is transferred from the calling secure web site to JREntServer.
  • Reports can now be published directly to FTP sites.
  • Report rendering performance is improved by 30% for typical reports. The report footprint in memory is also reduced by 25%.
  • Memory requirements for exporting to Excel are reduced by a factor of 6 for typical reports.

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