This release offers new JavaScript and RESTful data source options for developers as well as enhanced ease of use and local language support for users.


ROCKVILLE, MD – May 18, 2016 – Jinfonet Software, the leading embedded reporting and visualization software provider, announces JReport 13.5 for general availability.

This latest release provides significant enhancements to JReport, focusing on overall user experience and seamless integration for best-in-class embedded analytics. JReport 13.5 offers a solution to organizations seeking an advanced reporting and visualization platform that empowers software developers and their users.

With JReport 13.5, users will enjoy a more streamlined experience consisting of an improved user interface with more intuitive navigation and modern styling. The result is a simplified reporting and dashboard experience.

The intuitive creation workflow allows more users to design sophisticated reports requiring precise formatting and layouts. Users can command the new web property inspector to fine tune the styling and run-time behavior of every report object. Advancements to sorting, filtering, parameters, and formulas allow users to quickly manipulate and view their data from any angle.

As an embedded analytics solution, JReport 13.5 introduces expanded integration features and flexible white labeling for seamless integration. JReport 13.5 enables deeper JavaScript support for embedding into applications, as well as improved connectivity to RESTful data sources.

Additionally, CSS enhancements offer customization options allowing precise control over the look and feel of reports and dashboards. JReport 13.5 also features a full implementation of National Language Support (NLS) enabling users to consume visualizations in their local language. NLS pervades every aspect of JReport 13.5 including the UI, data, formulas, contents, and resources.

“JReport 13.5 is our next evolution of UI/UX and integration enhancements on an already powerful embedded analytics platform for solving today’s most challenging reporting and data visualization use cases,” says Dean Yao, Director of Marketing at Jinfonet Software. “We can now better serve users of our large scale ISV and enterprise IT deployments.”

Major JReport 13.5 features include:

  • Overall UI enhancements with modern styling and chart navigation for simplifying the reporting and dashboard experience.
  • Web property inspector to manage object properties for advanced report creation.
  • Expanded JavaScript support for embedding.
  • Improved connectivity to RESTful data sources.
  • Enhanced CSS and National Language Support.

Together, these enhancements in user experience and embeddability of JReport provides ISVs and enterprise IT with the best-in-class embedded analytics platform for advanced reporting and visualization.

JReport 13.5 is now available for download. To request a customized demo, please contact or call (240) 477-1000.

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Jinfonet empowers companies to embed the most sophisticated reports and dashboards into web applications. Through the JReport analytics platform, developers and users gain advanced visualization capabilities with any data source. Every day, JReport delivers insights for hundreds of thousands of users at over 10,000 installations worldwide.

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