By Including Reporting in Cohesia 8.1, Joint Customers Can Better Monitor Quality Procedures in Manufacturing


Rockville, MD, November 27, 2006 – Jinfonet, the leader in embedded reporting solutions for Java applications, today announced that Cohesia has embedded JReport into the Cohesia 8.1 application. Cohesia 8.1 is an enterprise software application that eliminates ambiguity in the flow-down of detailed product requirements through manufacturing supply chains. Cohesia will resell Jinfonet’s JReport as the reporting component of Cohesia 8.1.

Highly-engineered products require thorough instructions – not just what to make, but how to make it. Technical specs might be on CAD drawings, spreadsheets or databases. While documentation likely exists about how the components should be made and put together, it’s important to have this information readily available to the people making and assembling the products. Cohesia 8.1 makes that possible.

Cohesia 8.1 is an automated tool that asks the end user questions about what they’re making and what the component will be used for. Depending on the answers to these questions, it serves up relevant directions. This is critically important, because how something is made impacts the product in many ways – even its molecular structure and its longevity.

For example, if an airplane’s metal component is shaped under high heat and it needs to be cooled, a person not knowing the proper procedure may cool it in water rather than quenching it in oil. The oil quench is a much slower process which is less likely to make the part brittle. This information was once handed down from one employee to another at a manufacturing plant, but as more manufacturing jobs are distributed worldwide, it’s critical that this “how to” information is distributed as well. In addition to providing manufacturers with the proper procedures to use, Cohesia’s product requires the end user to certify that those procedures were followed.

“JReport is bringing a new level of data visibility into the manufacturing process,” said Jim Kanir, president and CEO for Cohesia. “By incorporating JReport into Cohesia 8.1, our customers can perform analysis on information about their product manufacturers. For example, if a company uses five manufacturers to produce the same product and one of them continually has more product issues, JReport can help uncover the problem. Our product captures a great deal of raw data about procedures, how well manufacturers are following them, and how the products perform over time. All of this information can be better displayed and analyzed using JReport.”

Cohesia opted to embed JReport after identifying its need for reporting and deciding it was more cost effective to purchase an offering rather than build it. The company evaluated numerous offerings and selected JReport for two primary reasons: its Java architecture was highly compatible with Cohesia’s offering; and JReport’s security module was secure and flexible enough to meet the rigorous security requirements involved in integrating the product into client companies’ supply chain portals. Today JReport is white labeled and embedded directly into Cohesia 8.1.

“Cohesia’s offering fulfills a very important role as manufacturing becomes ever-more a global enterprise,” said Fred Richards, vice president of product management for Jinfonet. “Information management and delivery will help companies feel confident that their products are built properly using the proper procedures – no matter where they’re built. We’re excited to be a part of Cohesia’s mission to improve manufacturing quality.”

About Jinfonet
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