JReport, developed by Jinfonet Software, empowers the Innovation Network’s clients and automates weeks of work with ease of use.


Rockville, MD – October 13, 2016 — JReport, the leading embedded reporting and visualization software solution, was chosen by the Innovation Network (IN) to support their mission to provide IT strategy, implementation, management, and support to federal government and public sector organizations. IN assists clients in establishing platforms to manage the grant review process, and often implements SaaS applications and various configurable packages. Developed by Jinfonet Software, JReport was selected for its flexibility to produce almost any type of report, smooth implementation, and its ease of use.

The Innovation Network often faced challenges when it came to reporting and analytics. Kenneth Lew, CEO of the Innovation Network, explains, “Our customers were often forced to dump data into Excel, and then go through extensive publishing and formatting exercises to get the reports ready.” Additionally, Mr. Lew found that many market-leading packages were limited in providing a range of publish-ready reports and data visualizations with formatting often limited to Excel and PDF.

Ultimately, JReport gave the Innovation Network the ability to automate weeks of work with flexibility and ease. “JReport is the tool of choice for us to support the Innovation Network’s grant management business intelligence solution. One of the reports produced by a customer aggregates all the grants they want to award. The report, which is presented to their board, includes detailed information, as well as summary and historical information. This customer previously required weeks of work to manually assemble and format spreadsheets and aggregate multiple queries,” said Mr. Lew.

Additionally, the Innovation Network found the JReport solution easy to integrate into its platform and experienced strong partnership and support. Mr. Lew described the implementation as, “a pretty smooth process. It was better than I expected. The Jinfonet staff, both on the account management and the technical side, was very good.”

JReport has allowed the Innovation Network to win new customers while growing existing ones. Mr. Lew explains, “The addition of JReport has enabled the Innovation Network to win a lot of new customers. We’ve recognized a couple of new wins in just the past few months. Having JReport as our business intelligence solution has given us a new way to market ourselves. We’ve become more strategic with our clients and stayed engaged much longer.”

Watch our joint webinar to learn more on how JReport helps the Innovation Network.

About Jinfonet Software 
Jinfonet empowers companies to embed the most sophisticated reports and dashboards into web applications. Through the JReport analytics platform, developers and users gain advanced visualization capabilities with any data source. Every day, JReport delivers insights for hundreds of thousands of users at over 10,000 installations worldwide.

More information on Jinfonet Software and JReport is available at www.jinfonet.com.

About the Innovation Network
The Innovation Network (IN) is a technology strategy and management consulting firm. We specialize in IT strategy, business intelligence, project management, operational planning, grant program management and assessment, software implementation and process improvement. We deliver best-in-class grants management solutions, including custom development solutions and complex integrations, to nonprofit organizations, family and research foundations, as well as Federal, State and Local government. For more information, please visit http://grants.the-inet.com/.


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