JReport Enables Dashboard Views of Actual Versus Planned Spending


ROCKVILLE, Md. – August 29, 2006 – Jinfonet Software, the leader in embedded reporting solutions for Java applications, today announced that VFA, Inc. has embedded Jinfonet’s JReport into its Mezzia™ capital spend management software.

VFA is the leading provider of end-to-end solutions for facilities capital planning and asset management. Its Mezzia product enables organizations to manage the entire capital spending process by streamlining budget creation, requisition processing, purchasing and reconciliation of expenditures.

VFA employed JReport to enhance the presentation of reports with Mezzia and present complex information in easy-to-understand charts and graphs. VFA also uses JReport to provide Mezzia users with a dashboard view of the status of capital spending – including actual versus planned spending – and enable managers to drill down into dashboard items for further details about expense categories.

“One of the key capabilities Mezzia offers organizations is the ability to control their capital spending through a real-time view of expenditures against budget,” said Melanie Ziegler, vice president of software development at VFA, Inc. ” JReport helps us seamlessly deliver that capability – both portfolio-wide and at the line-item level .”

Both JReport and Mezzia are built entirely on the Java platform, facilitating ease of integration. Due to this compatibility, VFA completed the integration of JReport into the Mezzia product in less than three months.

JReport’s application interface (API) was also a critical factor in VFA’s selection of the product. “We wanted to embed an offering, not just integrate with one,” continued Ziegler. “With JReport, our clients don’t have any hardware requirements. In fact, they have no idea they’re using a separate product for reporting. It feels like a native part of our offering.”

“VFA’s Mezzia product provides a valuable tool that helps organizations gain insight into financial performance,” said Fred Richards, vice president of product management for Jinfonet. “It’s rewarding to be allied with a company that provides such an important service. We’re excited to help make a great product even better.”

About VFA
Headquartered in Boston, VFA, Inc. is the leading provider of end-to-end solutions for facilities capital planning and asset management. VFA’s Capital Planning and Management Solution (CPMS™) uniquely combines facility assessment services, Web-based software, and business consulting services to enable clients to manage every stage of the capital asset lifecycle-from requirements gathering and long-term planning to capital budget creation and spend management. VFA has helped over 300 organizations in corporate, education, government and healthcare markets to strategically manage more than two billion square feet of real estate. For more information, please call 800-693-3132 or visit http://www.vfa.com.

Abou t Jinfonet Software
Rockville, Maryland based Jinfonet Software is the leading provider of embedded reporting solutions for enterprise applications. JReport, the company’s flagship product, is a 100% Java-based reporting solution that includes a report development environment and can embed seamlessly into any Java application, leverages Java EE standards, and delivers actionable reports via the web. Key features include a rich set of Application Program Interfaces (APIs) for integrating any level of reporting functionality into an application, the ability to access any enterprise data source, built-in security with single sign-on capabilities, and the ability to scale through multiple CPUs or clustered servers to meet growing reporting needs. JReport’s intuitive design and deployment tools make report creation, review, on-the-fly modification and distribution fast and easy. JReport is in its 7th release cycle and is employed by millions of end users at more than 900 enterprises worldwide.