The Benefitfocus ad hoc reporting tool builds on the Benefitfocus Platform’s sophisticated reporting suite powered by JReport, so HR teams can access and analyze their data in new ways. With ad hoc reporting, HR administrators create their own custom reports, modify pre-built reports, and schedule and e-mail reports to colleagues. Ad hoc reporting allows them to sort, filter, add and delete report criteria with drag-and-drop ease. They can also build custom charts, graphs, and output to PDF, HTML, Excel, TXT, RTF, PostScript and DHTML formats.

JReport Ad Hoc Reporting provides,

… a tool in the market that’s well designed, that’s both powerful and has access to all this data, yet lightweight so you don’t have to go to programming classes.”

Shawn Jenkins, CEO, Benefitfocus

JReport Ad Hoc Reporting demo
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