JOHOJReport, the leading embedded analytics and reporting software solution, partners with JOHO, a fintech company providing data integration and business intelligence solutions. JOHO’s core offering, JOHO OneSource™, aims to give financial institutions 360-degree customer insights by providing a solution that allows them to process information from external and internal data sources. It also provides risk mitigation with the flexibility of changing out any data source without historical data loss.

JOHO selected JReport to replace their homegrown reporting tool and strengthen their BI & analytics offering, JOHO OneSource™. Initially, JOHO faced challenges in providing an efficient, self-service solution that could meet all their clients’ needs. They hoped to provide a solution with wide-ranging analytics, dynamic reports, and dashboards with self-service BI. “Previously, we used a homegrown solution to provide .NET reporting, but it drained a lot of our resources and we wanted to accelerate our market penetration by providing a strong embedded analytics and reporting solution,” said Bill Goulet, Partner & SVP Business Solutions at JOHO.

JReport met the challenge by providing an embedded solution that blends advanced reporting and dashboard functionality with self-service analysis. JReport gives JOHO interactive data analysis capabilities, allowing users to draw insights from their powerful centralized data model. JReport empowers users to create their own data visualizations with ease by abstracting away the complexities of the underlying data sources and models.

On top of this, JReport’s ability to handle a wide range of pixel-perfect reporting use cases ensures JOHO’s ability to satisfy all their customers’ needs. “We wanted to up the ante by providing an industry standard, bulletproof analytics portal that allows users to do any kind of analysis they require and JReport delivers this for us,” said Mr. Goulet.

”We’re excited to be providing the entire BI suite of services for JOHO’s OneSource™ portal with our embedded analytics solution, JReport,“ said Dean Yao, Director of Marketing at Jinfonet Software. “This partnership represents a great opportunity to help JOHO grow their ROI analysis and risk mitigation services for the financial industry.”

About JOHO

The JOHO OneSource™ solution is a revolutionary application for financial institutions that integrates corporate wide data from multiple internal and external data sources into a single database and delivers actionable information via dynamic dashboards, robust reporting, KPI Scorecards, mobile access, predictive analytics, data mining, and self-service BI reporting.

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