STIStandard Technology, Inc. (STI) has chosen JReport as their secure reporting solution for federal government clients. JReport’s combination of easy embedding and ability to restrict data access allows STI to generate and access reports and dashboards for government agencies in a highly secure environment.

STI provides BI systems and consulting solutions to the federal government using a .NET development platform. Their products assist government clients in monitoring and managing budgets, conducting audits on medical systems for military hospitals, and tracking deliverables for project and program management. As federal customer demand for customized reports grew rapidly, STI identified a need for an ad hoc data query and reporting solution that would allow STI’s consultants to build and deliver customized reports to their clients. Eventually, STI plans for its government clients to build their own ad hoc reports without needing assistance from STI consultants.

STI required a reporting solution that could embed seamlessly within their software and use built-in security models to restrict access to the data based on user roles. In addition, the reporting solution has to be entirely Web-based. The federal government, generally not open to the installation of software on their workstations without a lengthy certification and approval process, requires that software pass an extensive evaluation of data security and system criticality checks before deployment.

JReport was able to meet government security requirements while also meeting the embedded reporting standards of STI. JReport’s authentication technology is used to restrict and grant access to reports and dashboards based on user roles. In addition, JReport Server Live allows integration with any application and can connect to any data source, making it easy for JReport to work with the .NET development platform. STI also found that JReport was the most flexible when integrating with .NET.

“We needed an end user ad hoc tool that fully integrated with our software and could be secured so that people can only see the data they’re cleared to access,” said Howard Epstein, Chief Technology Officer at STI. “Of the compliant products we identified, JReport had the best support and overall price performance.”

About Standard Technology

Standard Technology, Inc. (STI) is a privately held consulting firm providing medical coding, data analysis, financial analysis, and software solutions to government and private companies. STI has 25 years of experience providing financial management, technology, and operational performance solutions to government and private companies. The firm has a proven history of working with medical and military organizations, and interprets complex data to help the government determine the effectiveness of their processes and make policy decisions for the future.

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