TZATZA, an industry-leading provider of supply chain productivity software and services, has chosen JReport as the reporting solutions for. For more than 25 years, TZA has helped clients in a variety of distribution industries save millions of dollars in operating and labor costs.

TZA uses JReport in their ProTrack Warehouse Labor Management System. ProTrack Warehouse software calculates work duration, tracks associate time against standards, and provide real time visibility and enhanced management decision making, which can result in 10%-25% savings on labor expenses.

“Adding JReport to our current ProTrack reporting capabilities gives our customers more flexibility to quickly generate dynamic reports and easily create interactive dashboards to track and measure all aspects of their labor performance,” said Andy Recard, vice president at TZA.

Previous to JReport, TZA had used a combination of a dashboard product and a reporting tool. Instead of using two separate solutions, TZA chose a unified reporting tool through the purchase of JReport.

With a unified product, TZA customers will experience more functionality with additional JReport features like ad hoc reporting that allows executives the flexibility to create their own reports on the fly. This lowers the load for the IT departments and lets users interact with data as needed.

About TZA

Proven for more than 25 years, TZA ( delivers technology, management consulting, and engineering services to assist companies in achieving a high performance workforce, world-class customer service and least-cost operating position. TZA supply chain consulting and technology solutions include Labor Management, Managed Services, LEAN Transformation, Transportation & Logistics, Strategic Network Planning, Material Handling Integration, Facility Design, Slotting Optimization, and Organizational Development & Training. TZA’s headquarters are in Long Grove, IL. Contact TZA at (800) 229-3450 or (847) 540-6543.

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