Release Notes of JReport 15.6 Update 1

Feature Enhancements

Item Description
1 Oracle JDK 11 support.
2 Automatically hide empty group footers in detail reports of banded objects.
3 When using a formula to control properties of data fields (DBField, formula, summary, parameter, etc.), users can apply the formula to multiple data fields at one time and automatically use CurrentField in the formula.
4 The following new APIs are supported:
insertBusinessViewAggregation(), setBusinessViewAggregationInfo() and compileBVFormulas().
These new APIs are used to add or edit custom aggregations and compile them in Business Views at one time.
5 Packages in JReport are updated with GPL and CDDL licenses.
6 Formulas and aggregations can be used to configure Conditional Formatting on crosstab fields.
7 Alternating colors are supported on Tables.

Resolved Issues

Item Case # Issue
1 79222 Fixed the “Uncaught DOMException” error when integrating JReport Server Console across domains via IFrame.
2 79489 Labels and fields in exported results of JReport Designer can now be displayed correctly when they are controlled by formulas that return null value.
3 79509 Fixed the "ORA-00936 missing expression" error when running Page Reports with parameters in queries against Oracle databases.
4 79534 The option Vector Graphics now works for exporting to PDF as default by calling runReport.jsp and tryView.jsp.
5 79552 The HTML tags are improved with IMG tag support.
6 79556 The option "enable_openTxtURL=false" works now for Linux operation systems.
7 79572 JReport Server security enhancement for preventing XSS attacks when scheduling reports to disk.
8 79581 Users can still run web reports even though their parameter values are returned with empty or null.
9 80067 Custom sort by using another field to sort Chart X axis now works in Web Reports.
10 80075 Table names can be recognized without the case restriction when using Microsoft SQL Server as JReport system database.
11 80080 Text boxes with dynamic labels that are controlled by formulas can be displayed now.
12 80089 Resolved “DSException: RowDataPool has been closed” error when applying on-screen filters in dashboards.
13 80098 Word wrapped text can now be displayed correctly at page breaks in PDF files.

Known Issues

Report data gets cut off in PDF result due to PDF page size limitation

When you export a report to PDF format, you will find that in the PDF result some data of the report are cut off if the report contains a large amount of data but its page mode was specified to be continuous page mode or its page size was set to be larger than 200 inches. This is due to a PDF limitation where the data displayed can be no larger than 200 inches in a single PDF page.

Unsupported go-to action temporarily when using dynamic formulas on chart

You will get exceptions when you perform the go-to action on a chart which uses a dynamic formula as its shown value and the formula contains group information. This is a limitation in the current version. It will be resolved in a future release.